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Sleater-Kinney Gets the ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Treatment

Indie rock outfit Sleater-Kinney teams up with Fox series ‘Bob’s Burgers’ and Bento Box Animation Studios to create the video for ‘A New Wave’ off of their latest LP.

Indie rock outfit Sleater-Kinney teamed up with the crew from Bob’s Burger for the video for “A New Wave,” the first single from their latest LP, No Cities to Love, out on Sub Pop Records.

The video finds the Portland, Oregon-based trio animated and kicking out the jams for Tina Belcher, the butt-loving 13-year-old at the heart of the animated series from Fox. Soon enough, they're joined by the other Belcher kids, Louise and Gene, and the party rages as the animation grows wilder. The head-banging antics only stop for a moment when the Belcher parents, Bob and Linda, notice plaster falling from the ceiling:

Created by Loren Bouchard, the Emmy-winning Bob’s Burgers is animated at Bento Box Animation Studios.

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