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Sketchfab and Google VR Join Forces To Improve Sharing of Tilt Brush 3D Content

New launch of Google VR version 7 brings several key updates including improved FBX file format output to ensure that work created in VR can be easily uploaded to Sketchfab.

NEW YORK -- Google VR has launched version 7 of its popular VR creation tool, bringing several key updates to artists around the world including model imports and rotation and resize tools. During the development of the latest version, the Google team worked closely with the 3D/VR engineers at Sketchfab to improve the FBX file format output to ensure that work created in VR can be easily uploaded to Sketchfab.

Now, on, models exported from Tilt Brush are automatically recognized and key parameters are set to ensure that work viewable in 3D and VR at or via embeds anywhere on the web resemble the work seen within Tilt Brush as closely as possible.

Here is an export test from Tilt Brush to Sketchfab of the sketch “Air Shark” by Matthew Elliott. It demonstrates how improvements in the Tilt Brush Update 7 release preserve many important material properties like bloom, opacity, colors and textures when uploading to Sketchfab. In this example, no changes to 3D settings were made after the initial Sketchfab upload:

Matthew Elliott’s Air Shark by drewskillman

Cyborg Fly Tilt Brush by Rein Bijlsma

Soul of Cinder: Dark Souls 3 Boss Tilt Brush by vrhuman

“We love Tilt Brush at Sketchfab, it’s the kind of tool that has made making content in 3D and VR so intuitive,” said Sketchfab CEO Alban Denoyel. “And the democratization of content creation with natural tools like Tilt Brush are the reason we started Sketchfab in the first place.”

Sketchfab continues to work closely on updates and plans to support additional features in the near future. To learn more, head over to the Sketchfab blog.

Source: Sketchfab Inc.

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