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Silvergate Media to Produce ‘Fashion Ally’ for Nick

Company unveils a full slate that also includes construction comedy series ‘Chico Bon Bon: Monkey with a Tool Belt’ for Netflix, a sixth series of the hit ‘Octonauts’ and two children’s films greenlit for theatrical release in China.

Silvergate Media has announced a sixth season of its hit preschool show ‘Octonauts’ is in production for global delivery in 2020.

LONDON -- International TV production and brand-licensing company Silvergate Media has detailed its kids’ animation production slate that is the most extensive in the company’s seven-year history.

The company has been commissioned by Nickelodeon to produce the preschool animated series Fashion Ally (working title). Created by Silvergate Media’s executive VP of creative content, Paula Rosenthal (Sunny Day and Peter Rabbit), the show is set in the heart of New York and follows a little girl, Ally, with big ideas and a passion for fashion. Ally makes everything around her a bit brighter, bolder and more brilliant, turning every problem into a positive with the perfect fashion solution. Plans call for 40 23-minute episodes to premiere on Nickelodeon.

As previously announced, Chico Bon Bon: Monkey with a Tool Belt is a fast paced, action packed, construction comedy for pre-school boys in production on 44 11-minute episodes for a 2020 debut on Netflix. Silvergate Media is now commencing discussions for terrestrial sales of the show.

Executive produced by Silvergate Media’s executive VP of creative content, Kurt Mueller (Octonauts and Hilda), the show is in Blunderburg and follows the adventures of Chico and Team Bon Bon, the fix-it force that dedicates it’s time to rescuing the mechanically challenged metropolis from its many mishaps. Chico is the owner of an awesome tool belt and when he rolls up his sleeves to solve a problem, Chico’s mind goes into nonstop discovery mode, spouting out endless ways to create, repair, and explore. Fixing things has never been so much fun!

Silvergate Media also continues to ramp up its own content offering announcing that a sixth series of its hit global preschool show, Octonauts, is now in production. Fifty-two new 11-minute episodes will roll out globally from 2020 and this new instalment will be a significant step change for the established franchise -- introducing new environments, new characters and a new fleet of vehicles.  

In a further boost to its content pipeline, Silvergate Media is producing two new 60-minute kids’ films for theatrical release in China.  

Alongside these new developments, Silvergate Media continues in production with content for its existing commissions. These include Hilda, an animated adventure series for kids aged 6-11 years that is gearing up to debut on Netflix this autumn, and Sunny Day, a preschool girls animation that premiered on Nick Jr. in August, with season two now in production.

Source: Silvergate Media

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