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Silvergate Media Drops ‘Hilda and the Mountain King’ Official Trailer

Following the ‘Hilda’ Season 2 cliff hanger, the animated special picks up with Hilda stuck in the body of a troll, stranded in troll country, in her quest to return to human form; the epic story launches on Netflix December 30.

Silvergate Media’s epic animated movie special, Hilda and the Mountain King, launches globally on Netflix December 30. Based on the award-winning graphic novels by Luke Pearson and the animated series they inspired, the story picks up where the Season 2 cliff-hanger of Hilda Season 2 left off.

In the special, we find Hilda stranded in troll country with the body of a troll. Her quest to change back into her human form and reunite with her mother and friends brings her deeper into the world of trolls: their customs, their cuisine, and their legends; namely the infamous Mountain King. Meanwhile, as tensions rise between the gathering trolls and the city of Trolberg, Hilda’s mom scours the mountainside desperate to find her daughter before the conflict erupts into a full-blown war.  

“We’re really excited to bring audiences a new feature length format with the release of Hilda and the Mountain King,” shared Silvergate Media EVP Commercia, Ron Allen. “The epic scope of the storyline gives us the opportunity to explore the full potential of Hilda’s fascinating mythical world and we think fans are going to love getting lost in the hidden depths of Trolberg this holiday season.”

Co-produced by Silvergate Media and Mercury Films, Hilda and the Mountain King comes on the heels of a year filled with numerous critical accolades for the popular series. The show’s second season was awarded two Daytime Emmy’s including Outstanding Children’s Animated Series plus three Annie Awards including Best Animated TV Production for Children. 

Source: Silvergate Media