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SIGGRAPH 2017 Talk to Explore VFX Production in the Middle East & Syria

In one of the many SIGGRAPH 2017 TALKS, Hind Wakil and Eli Saliba of Damascus-based Lighthouse VFX will discuss how they worked and survived in a war zone.

It’s hard enough to start a successful VFX business without the psychological stress of struggling to stay alive.

Working on a computer without electricity, inadequate or nonexistent academic training in computer graphics, difficulties acquiring equipment and legal software, and struggles to convince clients that original creative thinking is valuable are just some of the challenges of running a visual effects services company in the middle of a war zone in Syria.

Hind Wakil and Eli Saliba of Lighthouse VFX in Damascus will discuss how they worked and survived in a war zone during “Behind the Scenes of VFX in the Middle East & Syria,” one of many SIGGRAPH 2017 TALKS for full conference attendees.

“Behind the Scenes of VFX in the Middle East & Syria”
Monday, 31 July, 9:00 am - 10:30 am
Los Angeles Convention Center, Room 402AB

Talks highlight the latest developments before publication, present ideas that are still in progress, or showcase how computer graphics and interactive techniques are actually implemented and used, in graphics production or other fields. Talks take you behind the scenes and into the minds of SIGGRAPH 2017 creators in all areas of computer graphics and interactive techniques, including art, design, animation, visual effects, interactivity, research, and engineering.

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Source: SIGGRAPH 2017