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Sibling Rivalry Helps Capture the Wonder of Travel for DFS

Sibling Rivalry partners with aWHITELABEL to create a new campaign for T Galleria by DFS.


aWHITELABEL/Sibling Rivalry product has completed a new campaign for T Galleria by DFS campaign, which is told through the pages of a classic travel journal. Developed in collaboration with agency AR New York, the 360 campaign was directed by aWHITELABEL/SR product’s Mikon van Gastel, who creative directed the project through completion via design studio SiblingRivalry.

Featuring collage-like cut-outs and ink illustrations by noted French illustrator Cassandre Montoriol, the campaign unites various art forms – writing, illustration, photography, animation, and live action – to create an iconic look that captures the spirit of adventure in travel. As the pages turn, hand drawn maps, painted characters, street scenes and photographs are brought to life and animated to express the wonders of travel.

Under the creative direction of Mikon van Gastel, design studio Sibling Rivalry was tasked with artfully combining all of the mixed media into beautiful stories that unfurl using a combination of 3D and cel animation to bring the characters, and their travel stories to life. In each of the six narratives, the audience is transported on a series of animated and delightful adventures to iconic DFS destinations, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Hawaii, Guam, Sydney and Okinawa.

“The nostalgic feel of the illustrations evoke a golden age of travel, and these are juxtaposed with the high-end styling, products and photography, to create a lively depiction of each location that feels intimate and unique,” notes Mikon. “In Hong Kong, the first of the six spots, the journey is reflected in a bottle of perfume, travels through neon-lit streets and skyscrapers, and finally ends with an ascent by tram to the Peak and the breathtaking view of Victoria Harbor.”

The animated journal pages, print photography and illustrations were used to transform each store, including displays in store windows in these select locations. The live action and print elements were shot using 4K resolution, which allowed any asset from the broadcast campaign to be used on large screen LED displays, posters and billboards.

To bring the pages of the travel journal to life in-store, windows exhibit rich motion graphic screens projecting travel-inspired quotes such as “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” as well as projections of vintage 8mm videos. Inside the store, glass display cases contain actual travel journals embellished by drawings, colorful illustrations, photographs and written messages of the local sights and culture of the store’s location.

“We forged the alliance between A White Label Product and Sibling Rivalry to produce multiplatform campaigns that bring together our combined strengths in live action and design-driven production,” says EP Maggie Meade. “The work for DFS is a wonderful example of what our collaboration can yield. We are thrilled to see it come to life.”


Source: Sibling Rivalry

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