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Show Off Your Animation Skills: Enter the 8th Annual iAniMagic Competition

Use free Animation Desk app to create 15-30 second animation on any animal you choose; winners will receive cash prizes and promotion of their work. 

Get ready to combine your love of animation and animals into one masterpiece – the 8th annual iAniMagic Competition, sponsored by Kdan Mobile Software Ltd., is waiting for your entries! Create a 15-30 second animation in Animation Desk of any animal you want. The big winner this year will receive a monetary prize worth $700 USD and more!  Submission deadline is Nov 10th, 2019. Learn more about iAniMagic on the official website.

The French Nobel Prize laureate in Literature, Anatole France, once said, “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains un-awakened.” Animals bring joy and help nurture our most compassionate and caring side. What’s better than taking time to carefully observe these adorable creatures and create an animation featuring their beauty?

Contest Info:

  1. Why animals - We are surrounded by stories of animals and how they can become some of our favorite characters, and we are really able to resonate with animals of all kinds. We hope animators can express their creativity and convey their ideas by bringing their favorite animals to life.
  2. What is iAniMagic - iAniMagic is a fun animation competition that welcomes all levels of animators. It is a chance to showcase your work, challenge your skills, and have a great time animating!
  3. How to join the competition - Download Animation Desk (available for iOS, Android, and Windows). Create a 15-30 second animation with Animation Desk, and submit it within the app.
  4. You may enter as many submissions as you like
  5. There is no cost for entering the contest

Enter in Five Easy Steps:

  1. Complete your animal animation on Animation Desk
  2. Register for a free KDAN ID 
  3. Upload your entry via Animation Desk
  4. Add a description of your work to share your thoughts behind the piece
  5. Submit your work!

Contest Prizes


  1. 1: $700 USD + App Store feature
  2. 2: $600 USD
  3. 3: $500 USD


  1. $700 USD + App Store feature
  2. $600 USD
  3. $500 USD


  1. Best Creativity: $300 USD
  2. Best Art: $300 USD
  3. Best Techniques: $300 USD
  4. Audience Choice *3: $100 USD
  5. Staff Pick*3: FIGMA Model Doll 

(Kdan Mobile offers additional software license and submission support for the participating educational institutions).