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Shotgun Software Introduces Production Insights

Shotgun 7.6 adds new analytics feature set for VFX and animation.

The newly released Shotgun 7.6 adds analytics features for VFX and animation production.

LOS ANGELES -- Shotgun Software has released Shotgun 7.6, the most-recent version of its leading cloud-based review and production tracking software.

This release delivers a new set of analytics and reporting tools which give studio leaders the ability to visualize key production metrics, keep a close eye on the progress of their projects, and make business-critical decisions fast.

Faced with shorter timelines, tighter budgets and growing creative demands, studios need to be efficient, identify business issues quickly and adjust where and how resources are being used during production, rather than after the fact. Now, instead of relying on manual reporting and gut instinct, Production Insights in Shotgun provide studio leaders with a high-level overview of the health of projects as well as the ability to dive into the details to see where time and resources are used, so operations can be streamlined and better decisions can be made more quickly.

"Shotgun's Production Insights help us work real-time software development and scrum-style methods for task organization into our VFX pipeline. So far, this workflow has had an immediate positive effect on the communication we've been able to achieve between our departments,” said Kent Rausch, associate VR producer, Framestore. “The more data we can share across disciplines helps us work more predictably and efficiently, and these new tools are a great first step in helping us get there."

“Our new Production Insights features help Shotgun customers answer critical, urgent, and costly production questions such as: Are we going to hit our deadline? How much work is there left to do? Where are we struggling?” said James Pycock, head of product for Shotgun, Autodesk. “Having access to these tools out of the box gives everyone instant at-a-glance visualizations of how and where they are spending time and resources. We believe that sophisticated data analytics will help facilities of all sizes turn their production data into real insights which can help them remove guesswork and optimize the production process.”

Shotgun Production Insights include:

  • Analytics: Apply production data in Shotgun to optimize how resources are used, plan ahead for tight deadlines and budgets, and accurately compile bids for upcoming projects
  • Data Visualization: Explore new graph types including pie charts, vertical bar charts and line charts in addition to the existing horizontal bar chart in Shotgun
  • Data Grouping: Display data as stacked or un-stacked bar charts to visualize in even greater at-a-glance detail
  • Presets: Drag and drop from a number of pre-configured presets to build reports instantly, with flexible customization options

Shotgun pricing starts at $30 per account/per month with “Awesome” support, or $50 per account/per month with “Super Awesome” support. Request a free trial at:

Source: Shotgun Software

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