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Shotgun Software Announces New Integrated Package

Shotgun announces a new integrated package combines tracking, review and asset management products into a unified toolset at a new price.


Venice, CA -- Shotgun Software announced a new integrated package and price point. Shotgun now encompasses production tracking, scheduling, review and approval and asset management system, helping modern production pipelines run as efficiently as possible. The new Shotgun is priced at $49.00 USD per seat, per month.

The new pricing is a radical departure, making three previously independent products (Shotgun, Revolver and Tank) available now as a single, unified, comprehensive package.

"Our mission is to provide every studio in the world with the essential collaboration, management and pipeline tools they need to deliver mind-blowing work while maintaining a healthy bottom line," explained Don Parker, CEO, Shotgun Software. "Hundreds of studios have invested in helping us build and refine these tools on thousands of productions over the last seven years. We are pleased to invest back in their success and the future of the industry."

Shotgun surveyed over 300 studios to arrive at this new model, so that the new product offering and price point matches customer needs.

"The way Shotgun went about this new product and pricing structure shows how committed they are to being a good partner. Instead of nickeling and diming us, they're working hard to build us the tools we need at a price we can afford," said Kevin Baillie, co-founder, Atomic Fiction. "Shotgun has essentially eliminated the barrier of entry for studios like ours to leverage these tools in order to make projects run efficiently. The more time our internal dev resources have available to focus on creative tools, the better!"

Features in the new Shotgun:

  • Tracking: Organize the things you are making and track all related details in customizable interfaces accessible by everyone in the production.
  • Scheduling: Assign crew to projects, schedule who’s working on what / when, and share the latest schedule with everyone in the studio.
  • Review & Approval: Powerful tools for tracking submitted movies and images, organizing them into playlists, and rapidly writing and distributing notes. Playback shots in cut order, annotate frames and send notes directly to artists right from inside the browser. Or use the included integration with Tweak’s RV high-end image and sequence player. Many of these features, previously available in a separate software package called Revolver, are now fully integrated as part of the new $49 edition of Shotgun.
  • Customization & Integration: Highly evolved tools for designing layouts, database schemas, and apps to support the way you work. An open Python API and event stream help bridge the gap between your production data and the rest of the tools in your pipeline.
  • Asset Management: Keep your file system organized, automatically creating folders and files based on configurable templates and data in Shotgun. Set up multiple file structures for different projects or enforce consistent conventions across all projects. Pre-built and customizable Python integrations for a host of industry-standard content creation tools including Maya, Nuke, Motionbuilder, Photoshop and 3ds Max. This toolset, previously announced as a separate software package called Tank, will be fully integrated as part of Shotgun and is currently in private beta with more than 100 studios.

Source: Shotgun Software