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Shotgun Releases Version 5.4

New update dramatically extends workflow flexibility and adds zoom and pan of images and movies in review toolset.

Los Angeles, CA -- Shotgun Software, developer of cloud-based production tracking, review and asset management software for film, TV and games, today released Shotgun v5.4. The release includes numerous features to enable even more production efficiency, including support for zoom, pan and scan of stills and movies in review, support for different project workflows, smarter thumbnails, and powerful new ways to connect your data.

New in Shotgun v5.4:

  • Support for Reviewing Still Images: Teams can now review still images such as concept art or storyboards, and display them high resolutions with more accurate color management.
  • Zoom, Pan and Scan on Movies and Images: New pan and zoom functionality in review tools lets users quickly move around images to examine work closely before drawing on images and leaving feedback notes.  A new set of keyboard shortcuts also makes reviewing work even faster.
  • Support for Different Project Workflows: Different workflows can now peacefully co-exist in the same studio. In order to accommodate studios working across film, television, and games, users can now customize what is tracked in a given project as well as fields, pipeline steps and statuses. This increases flexibility within Shotgun for customers where games projects require different steps than film projects, or where TV projects have different approval processes than film projects.
  • Smarter Thumbnails: Users now have the option to have thumbnails automatically update based on the latest submission, meaning less time and customization is required to keep thumbnails up-to-date. Supervisors now just have to glance at a thumbnail to see how the project is progressing.
  • Powerful New Ways to Connect Your Data: Shotgun now supports even more powerful ways of looking at data that exists across different levels of a project. For example, at studios where executive producers track dates on sequences, producers can "pull" those dates into their schedules so they have better visibility into when work should deliver.

These new features come on the heels of three major updates at SIGGRAPH: mobile app Shotgun Review for iPhone, native app Shotgun Desktop, and integration with The Foundry's MARI 3D, followed by last month's release of Shotgun's Flame integration, which opens up the Flame to the rest of the pipeline.

"We're very proud of this release because we've been able to quickly address some our clients' most requested features while also taking our review tools up a bunch of notches," said Don Parker, co-founder of Shotgun and Autodesk senior director. "We've had an incredibly prolific six months, rolling out 3 major releases and hundreds of minor updates. The goal of the acquisition was to accelerate the development of features we know our clients need to succeed, and we're excited to say we're fully ramped up and running on 60+ cylinders."

Source: Shotgun Software

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