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Shocap and Animatrik Present ‘LiViCi’ Hybrid Show ‘Carry Me Home’

A fusion of live music, storytelling, virtual worlds, and acrobatics, the XR experience livestreams globally and in person at Animatrik’s Vancouver virtual production stage on June 4.

Shocap has teamed up with virtual production and performance capture partner, Vancouver-based Animatrik, and international contemporary arts collective The 7 Fingers, to bring the hybrid LiViCi show, Carry Me Home, to Animatrik Film Designs’ motion capture sound stage. The virtual circus is slated to livestream globally and be presented live to audiences when the volume is converted to an XR theatre event on June 4.

Shocap Entertainment’s productions involve real-time animation, VFX and virtual production, involving game engine (Unreal), motion-capture, and immersive. The company’s creative team hails from the games, animation and immersive industries with projects including AAA game projects, virtual concerts, 3D animation, and immersive experiences.

Carry Me Home features live music by Didier Stowe, an acrobat turned singer-songwriter. A tribute to the mind’s incredible capacity to imagine, dream, and create, the cross-reality presentation opens new ways for audiences worldwide to come together and be immersed and entertained in unison by a live, interactive performance.

Checkout the LiViCI concert series teaser - Carry Me Home: A Live & Virtual Journey into the Creative Mind of Singer-songwriter Didier Stowe:

The project uses Shocap’s proprietary Ringmaster Virtual Performance System, a tool that connects and centralizes technological solutions. Fusing production pipelines in animation, motion-capture, and VFX, with high-performance real-time technologies and hardware including Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, NVIDIA, Autodesk Maya and MotionBuilder for mocap and animation work, artistic fine tuning using the Adobe Creative Suite toolkit, and LED wall display tech, the production is then brought to life through HMD’s Oculus Quest, HP Reverb and Z2.

To handle livestreaming, cloud hosting, and pixel streaming for the up-and-coming live show, NVIDIA, LiveSwitch, PureWeb and Heavenue have been employed to deliver the simultaneous experiences in real-time to online audiences across the globe.

“Our ambition is to entertain all audiences simultaneously with stunning hybrid live entertainment which excites and inspires the imagination,” noted Shocap creative director, Athomas Goldberg. “Through our 4-Audience Model of in-person performance, livestream video, interactive gameplay, and immersive VR, we’re pioneering new ways for audiences everywhere to come together, be entertained with quality productions and experience our events at any one time.”

Watch motion-captured trampoline performers with Didier Stowe, real-time animation rehearsals at Animatrik’s performance capture volume:

Led by Goldberg and Animatrik’s VP Brett Ineson, the studio will be converted into a theater for one day only. Seating 140 audience members, the show will be simultaneously beamed to online ticket holders around the world.

Shocap Carry Me Home studio set up Day 1:

"Up until now the advantage of computer graphics has been the ability to iterate over the creative before rendering,” commented Ineson. “With Shocap everything is live. Using game engine rendering allows us to break out of the computer graphics comfort zone and have the digital world reacting to the performance of the human actors in real time."

Audiences are set to be immersed and entertained together through evocative memories, dreams, and interactive fantasy worlds. The live XR entertainment circus promises to be a unique fusion of live music, compelling storytelling, imaginative virtual worlds and awe-inspiring acrobatics of trampolining, hoop diving, rings, and hair hanging.

Carry Me Home Showtimes & Ticket Purchases:

  • Saturday, June 4, 2022 - In-Person in Vancouver at 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm PDT
  • Onstage at Animatrik Film Design Studios, 4088 1st Avenue, Burnaby, B.C.

International livestreams: 2D Livestream, Interactive 3D

  • Vancouver and San Francisco: 1:00pm and 6:00 pm PDT
  • Montréal: 4:00 pm and 9:00 pm EDT
  • Paris: 10pm and June 5th 3 am CET
  • London: 9:00 pm and June 5th 2:00 am BST
  • New Zealand: June 5th 8:00 am and 1:00 pm NZST

Tickets are available:

  • Available on The 7 Fingers website here.
  • In-person, Animatrik Film Design, Vancouver: CAN$25.00 per person
  • Interactive 3D Experience: CAN$15.00 per person
  • 2D Livestream: CAN$10.00 per person

The next show in the LiViCi Concert Series is slated for December 2022 with Shocap’s 4-Audience model of in-person, in-game, 3D livestreams, and in VR. For additional information visit

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