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Shia LaBeouf Not Joining the MCU Following Abuse Allegations

The ‘Transformers’ star’s career may be in jeopardy after a number of women, including FKA Twigs and Sia, allege physical, mental, verbal, and sexual abuse.

Much like Johnny Depp was dropped from Fantastic Beasts 3, Shia LaBeouf has been axed from a possible upcoming MCU role due to abuse allegations. In early December, talented singer and actress FKA Twigs came forward with a sexual battery lawsuit against the former Transformer’s star whom she had previously dated. Her testimony brought to light his toxic and abusive behavior, much of which has now been corroborated by other women.

Singer Sia quickly followed suit, taking to Twitter to show her support:

A recent Variety report revealed, “Before the lawsuit, Hollywood seemed to be willing to put LaBeouf’s past behavior in the rear-view mirror.  Following the success of Honey Boy, Marvel was even eying LaBeouf for a superhero role, according to reports that surfaced as recently as this summer.”

This may spell the beginning of the end for LeBeouf, who is rumored to have lost many roles due to his historically erratic, and now allegedly abusive, behavior. The actor’s next film, Pieces of a Woman, is set to release on Netflix on January 7th. Will it be his last?

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