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The Sequence Group Celebrates 10 Years

Vancouver and Melbourne-based creative studio specializing in design, animation and visual effects achieves a decade of artistic creativity

VANCOUVER, BC -- Award-winning creative studio The Sequence Group is celebrating 10 years of creative thinking and artistic exploration. With offices based in Vancouver, Canada and Melbourne, Australia, the creative studio specializes in design, animation and visual effects.

“10 years is a huge accomplishment, and we couldn’t be more proud of what the team has achieved in that time,” commented The Sequence Group founder and creative director Ian Kirby. “We’ve come such a long way, from our early work on the first ever motion comics and Batman and Harry Potter franchises, through to our work today on the Halo, Star Wars and Marvel IPs. We continue to explore new ways to push our creative thinking, from ice projections for the Dallas Stars to commercials that blend live action with the latest in VFX. It’s an exciting time: we can’t wait to see what comes in the next ten years.”

“Sequence has been fortunate to establish an impressive roster of world-class clients from the beginning,” added The Sequence Group executive producer Dan Sioui. “While our projects, runtimes and visibility have all grown, it’s ultimately Sequence’s dedication, creative input and professionalism that keeps partners coming back.”

Sequence was established in 2006 with an initial focus on broadcast design and motion comics. Founder & creative director Ian Kirby and art director Andrew West worked on one of the first motion comics, Broken Saints, in Kirby’s basement 15 years ago. This opened the doors to clients looking to create backstory for films like I Am Legend, Inception and Prince of Persia.

Sequence has developed a capable team that contributes to such projects as Halo: Fall of Reach, Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 Civil War and Star Wars: Commander. As the studio has grown, so has its processes and pipeline. Sequence offers a full range of high-end 3D services, from visual effects broadcast design, and delivers on full creative and innovative solutions from concept through completion.

Although Sequence has evolved immensely over the years it has remained boutique. The caliber of work and clients has grown, but the company has continually fostered a creative and tight­knit family atmosphere, placing artistic expression at the core of everything it does.

In 2016, Sequence opened up a new studio in Melbourne, Australia, complementing and supporting the creative work carried out at the Vancouver HQ. Sequence’s talented team of directors, artists, designers and animators create dynamic worlds that develop narrative and engage the audience, whether for advertising, film or video game IP. Recent clients include 343 Industries, Disney Interactive, ABC, Kabam, Dallas Stars, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Sega and DC Entertainment.

Source: The Sequence Group