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Second Annual Elan Awards Announced

Video game, animation and digital arts students, creators and bosses gathered Friday for the Second Annual Elan Awards in Vancouver.

FAMILY GUY creator Seth MacFarlane hosted, closing his performance with a singing "Stewie" act and won his first Elan.

Here are all the winners:

Animation Categories:

Best feature length animated production: BARBIE AS THE ISLAND PRINCESS (Rainmaker Animation, Jennifer Twiner-McCarron).

The Seven Group Award For Best Animated Production (Television Series): EDGAR & ELLEN (Bardel Entertainment, Delna Bhesania, Barry Ward, Trish Lindsay, Barbara Ferro).

Best Animated Short Subject: YELLOW STICKY NOTES (Jeff Chiba Stearns).

Best Direction In A Feature Length Animated Production: BARBIE AS THE ISLAND PRINCESS (Rainmaker Animation, Greg Richardson).

Best Direction In An Animated Television Series: RUBY GLOOM: VENUS DE GLOOMSVILLE (Nelvana Limited, Robin Budd).

Best Male Voice Over In An Animated Feature Or Television Production: Lee Tockar (GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE, Studio B).

Best Female Voice Over In An Animated Feature Or Television Production: Marÿke Hendrikse ("Susan Test" in JOHNNY TEST, Cookie Jar Entertainment).

Best Original Musical Score: BRUNO AND THE BANANA BUNCH (Cuppa Coffee Studios, Adam Goddard).

Best Storyboarding: GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE: "Naked Ape Man" (Studio B, Dennis Crawford / Lyn Hart).

Best Production Design Or Art Direction: EDGAR & ELLEN: "Crushed" (Bardel Entertainment, Greg Huculak and Zoe Evamy).

Best Writing In An Animated Production: STORM HAWKS (Nerd Corps Entertainment, Rob Hoegee ).

The Electronic Arts Award For Best International Animated Production (Television Series): FAMILY GUY (Fuzzy Door Productions, Seth MacFarlane, David A. Goodman, Chris Sheridan and Danny Smith).

The Inaugural Award For Best International Animated Production (Feature): BEE MOVIE (DreamWorks Animation SKG)

Lifetime Achievement Award In Animation: Kai Pindal.

Electronic Game Categories:

The Autodesk Game Of The Year: MASS EFFECT (BioWare/Microsoft Games).

Best Console Game: ASSASSINS CREED (Ubisoft, Assassin's Creed Development Team).

Best PC Game: COMPANY OF HEROES (Relic Entertainment, Ian Thomson).

Best New Video Game Company: Blue Castle Games (Rob Barrett for THE BIGS) and Slant Six Games (Brian Thalken for SOCOM U.S. NAVY SEALS: TACTICAL STRIKE)

Best Sound Design In Video Gaming: SKATE (Electronic Arts: Audio Director: Lance Brown; Sound Designers: Francois Lafleur, Bryan Rennie, Sean Webster and Terry Fairfield).

Best Original Musical Score In Video Gaming: ASSASSINS CREED (Ubisoft, Jesper Kyd).

Best Character In Video Gaming: "Commander Shepard" in MASS EFFECT (BioWare/Microsoft Games, Drew Karpyshyn).

Best Art Direction In Video Gaming: MASS EFFECT (BioWare/Microsoft Games, Derek Watts).

Best Handheld Game Of The Year: SOCOM U.S. NAVY SEALS: TACTICAL STRIKE (Slant Six Games, Brian Thalken).

Best Game Design Of The Year: MASS EFFECT (BioWare/Microsoft Games, Preston Watamaniuk).

Best Mobile/Casual/Arcade Game Of The Year: SKATE (Electronic Arts, David Manriquez)

Best Writing For A Game Production: MASS EFFECT (BioWare/Microsoft Games, Drew Karpyshyn).

The Nokia Award For Outstanding Innovation In Gaming: COMPANY OF HEROES: OPPOSING FRONTS (Relic Entertainment, Josh Mosqueira).

The Ernst & Young Award For International Video Game Of The Year: CRYSIS (Crytek/Electronic Arts USA, Cevat Yerli).

Video Game Hall Of Fame: Don Mattrick.

Student Animation And Electronic Game Categories:

The Government Of British Columbia's Award For Student Animated Or Motion Graphic Production Of The Year: LEGEND OF BORUTA (Emily Carr Institute, Bartosz Nowakowski).

Student Game Of The Year: BLOOM (Vancouver Film School Boring Games: Project Manager: Adrian Audet; Brennan Massicotte, Guilherme Ramos, Mike Wilson and Brian Vidovic).

Best Original Sound Design/Musical Score For An Animated Production Or Game: LE BUILDING (Vancouver Film School, Doug Woods).

Best Student Art Direction - Game Production: SEAS OF EUROPA (Vancouver Film School, Todd Agnello, David Bowring, Diego Rodriguez Pons and Ryan Stancl).

Best Student Art Direction - Animated Production: MANO SINISTRA (Emily Carr Institute, Kate Lee).

Best Student Writing For An Animated Or Game Production: DOCUMENTARY (Vancouver Film School, Lawrence Chung).

READY TO ROCKET: Bartosz Nowakowski (Emily Carr Institute).