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Season 2 of ‘Cartoon Punch’ Launches on Twitch

Frederator Media’s interactive game show gives contestants audience prompts and challenges; the digital event will raise money for ‘Feed the Children’ with viewers able to make donations via a link on Twitch.

Frederator Media has launched Season 2 of their interactive game show called Cartoon Punch. Created by Channel Frederator Network members 8 Bit Ultra, Ivan Animated, and Getmadz, the show will be live-streamed front page on the Channel Frederator Network Twitch account on January 14-15, 2022 at 8-9 pm EST.

A blend of art, creativity and zaniness, the show features 8 contestants, including fan favorite creators Haminations, CircletoonsHD, Gingerpale, and others, competing in a series of games ranging in various degrees of insanity, including:

  • Trash Fight: Players find themselves in the middle of an apocalypse and you need to construct an awesome weapon to fight raiders. You and your team member will each have to design a random weapon out of three randomly chosen trash materials.
  • Monster’s Lab: Team members have been tasked with designing a monster to unleash upon the village. One team member will design the head and arms the other will design the legs and torso. Whichever team can design the best monster type wins!

As the games are played, contestants will receive prompts and hindrances from fans in the audience. With each game, both teams will have to spin a wheel and be faced with an obstacle, such as having to draw with your less dominant hand or drawing while getting pied in the face.

Cartoon Punch was originally set to launch as a live, in-person event, with Frederator Media teaming up with Northern Arena, a leader in eSports in Canada. Due to the pandemic, it launched to a digital audience first, giving creators and fans from all over will have access to the livestream.

Frederator has also teamed up with Feed the Children for this digital event and will be donating 100% of the proceeds raised to this cause. The donations will be driven by the challenges in the game and viewers will be able to donate via a direct link on Twitch.

Source: Frederator Media