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Scriptapalooza Announces Quarter & Semi Finalists

The 5th Annual Scriptapalooza Screenwriting contest announced its quarter and semi-finalists on August 7, 2003. Out of 2,947 entries, the panel of industry judges whittled down the list to 126 semi-finalists with 321 making the quarter finals list. Sponsors of the contest include Screenwriting Expo,, Ink Tip and FILMMAKER MAGAZINE.

Genevieve Cibor, vp of Scriptapalooza, said, Last year we received about the same [amount of scripts]. This year, as well as last year we had incredible numbers. When we started, in our first year we received around 600. It was more of a grass roots effort, word of mouth type of campaign. What hasn't changed in our concentrated effort in creating opportunities for as many writers as possible. I think that is what has caught on and why our competition continues to attract more and more writers. Also, our partner and sponsors helped solidify the reputation of the competition.

As part of the process, each judge receives an amount of scripts they are comfortable with handling. They return as many as they think deserve to move forward. Scriptapalooza continues the process until it reaches the winners. Each year, the screenplays are entered from every genre. The contest even receives a handful of animation features each year.

Judges come from such production companies and agencies as Lancaster Gate, Metropolitan, A Band Apart, Giraffe Prod., Xeolux, Outerbanks, Rough Diamond, Material, Cornucopia Pictures, Newman-Tooley, Radmin Company, David Lancaster, Victor Prod,. Halycon Ent, Bordertown Pics, Guy Walks Into A Bar, Alliance Atlantis, Bel Films, Brookwell McNamara, Tailwind, Chick Flicks, Gross-Weston, Curb Ent., Foundation Mgmt., Disney Channel, Freestyle Pictures, Winkler Films, Mason Burgess, Lifscultz, Two Drivers, Kaplan/Perrone Ent. LLC, Aurora Prod., Lighthouse Prod., Lee Rose Prod., Adam Schroeder Ent., NBC Skycastle, Foursight, Brian Funnigan Mgt., Saffron Mgt., Schacter Ent., Randwell Prod., Gray Fox Films, New Market Films, Caldera/ De Fanti Ent., The Pritcher Forman Co., Susan Graw & Associates, Pretty Pictures, Waterbear Prod., Eight Square Ent., Little Studio Films Inc., Larchmont Literary Agency, Karz Ent., Viviano Ent., Morning Star Ent. and Mission Mgt.

Writers in the competition are competing for a winner-take-all $10,000 first prize, along with a suite of screenwriting software from Screenplay Systems. Second and third place winners, as well as the 10 runner-ups, receive all three programs in the Writers Studio package. All finalists receive their choice of one program from the Writers Studio. In previous years, many writers have sold scripts and gained representation from their participation in the contest. Finalists will be announced on August 10 and winners on August 15.

Scriptapalooza was formed in 1998 to help unsigned writers establish ties in the entertainment industry. In addition to its feature competition, the company runs a TV writing contest as well as a script coverage service. For more information visit

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