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Sci-Fi Short ‘Two Worlds’ Joins Unlikely Friends

Five years in the making, 3D/VFX generalist Andy Lefton’s CG-animated short was created using Maxon Cinema 4D and the Adobe Creative Suite.

Two Worlds is a 3D-animated short film by Minneapolis- based freelance 3D/VFX generalist Andy Lefton about two opposites -- one organic, one robotic -- that come together out of necessity, finding hope in the bleakest of moments.

Five years in the making, the sci-fi short is a labor of love. Lefton did an enormous amount of research for the project, creating numerous production sketches in the process. “Drawing is not my greatest strength but, together with the images I researched, it helped a lot in creating the various elements, characters and scenes as I envisioned them,” he says. “After the first sketches had been made I created a complete storyboard, which was used to define the speed of the camera movement and the action.”

Lefton completed the animation, compositing, effects and sound design for the film -- comprised of nearly 100 shots -- in his spare time using Maxon Cinema 4D and the Adobe Creative Suite. Online cloud render service RebusFarm was employed for rendering.

Here’s the synopsis:

Snibb is a stranded and lonely character, but not by choice. He has been marooned on a desolate planet where he struggles to utilize his weak and failing satellite link to attempt daily distress beacons for rescue. Through fate, he may have a way out.

Check out more at the film's official website.

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