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Scanline VFX Licenses Ziva Technology for Virtual Character Simulation

Internationally acclaimed visual effects studio leverages proprietary virtual anatomy and biophysics simulation platform co-founded by SciTech Academy Award winner James Jacobs for character and creature work.

VANCOUVER -- Internationally acclaimed visual effects studio Scanline VFX has signed a licensing agreement with Vancouver-based virtual human technology company Ziva Dynamics. This company-wide adoption of Ziva technology is expected to further enhance the quality of Scanline’s award-winning character and creature work while creating sizeable process improvements and cost efficiencies.

Just two years old and co-founded by SciTech Academy Award winner James Jacobs, Ziva Dynamics empowers the creation of virtual characters driven by real-world anatomy, physics, and soft tissue simulation. Ziva’s robust toolset, which has already been deployed in major productions such as Suicide Squad, Fantastic Beasts, and Ghostbusters, is powered by innovative machine-learning systems. Users can build virtual bones, muscle, and soft tissue for each character and have control over the associated forces, which results in more realistic, non-linear motion.

Scanline has also committed to a studio license of ZIVA Anatomy, which gives the company ongoing access to Ziva’s leading human anatomy and physics templates.

“We’ve been working with Scanline for a while and we’ve come to really appreciate their commitment to achieving the highest quality results,” said James Jacobs, co-CEO of Ziva Dynamics, “This broader commitment by Scanline is fully aligned with our vision to help the best VFX and interactive studios produce the most realistic results possible. Scanline’s enthusiasm and support for advanced character technology has been really remarkable.”

The strategic relationship between Scanline VFX and Ziva Dynamics represents the continuation of a VFX industry trend, where audience interest in interactive and high-fidelity viewing platforms like 3D films, games, and VR have placed a greater demand on virtual characters to match reality through computer simulation.

“Ziva has made impressive progress in their approach to human simulation and the accuracy of real-world details,” stated Scanline VFX president and VFX supervisor Stephan Trojansky. “Using ZIVA VFX software keeps us at the cutting edge of character work, shortens our teams’ iteration loops, and give us more creative flexibility to focus on doing better work.”

Source: Ziva Dynamics

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