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Savannah College of Art & Design Enrolls Goldman as Artist in Residence

The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) announced today at SIGGRAPH 2007 that legendary animator Gary Goldman, known for such animated classics as THE SECRET OF N.I.M.H. and ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN, and the videogames DRAGON'S LAIR and SPACE ACE, will join the college as an artist in residence in Savannah, Georgia.

Goldman will teach traditional 2D animation to graduate and undergraduate students in the School of Film and Digital Media, as well as give a campus-wide lecture on animation during the college's 10-week winter quarter in January 2008.

Goldman began his career in 1972 with Walt Disney Prods. on ROBIN HOOD as a rough assistant animator to supervising animator Frank Thomas. He continued as an animator on DISNEY'S WINNIE THE POOH AND TIGGER TOO (1974) and THE RESCUERS (1977), as well as was directing animator for PETE'S DRAGON (1977) and THE SMALL ONE (1978).

In 1979, Goldman, Don Bluth and John Pomeroy left Disney to co-found Don Bluth Prods. Since that time, Goldman has animated, produced, co-directed and supervised post-production on films and videogames including THE SECRET OF N.I.M.H. (1982), DRAGON'S LAIR (1983), SPACE ACE (1983), AN AMERICAN TAIL (1986), DRAGON'S LAIR II: A TIME WARP (1988), THE LAND BEFORE TIME (1988), ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN (1989), THUMBELINA (1994), ANASTASIA (1997), BARTOK THE MAGNIFICENT (1999), TITAN A.E. (2000) and DRAGON'S LAIR 3D: RETURN TO THE LAIR (2002).

Goldman and Bluth also recently signed a major gift agreement with SCAD, designating the college as the recipient of a significant collection of more than one million pieces of art, including animation cels, drawings, backgrounds and production documentation from their work. They donated the collection, valued in the millions of dollars, to inspire the college's nearly 8,500 students. The collection is housed at the Jen Library in Savannah and is being cataloged.

SCAD honored Goldman with a Lifetime Achievement Award in Animation at the college's 2005 Savannah Film Festival.

"At SCAD, we pride ourselves on our commitment to the aesthetics and artistic value of traditional animation techniques as well as state of the art digital production," said Peter Weishar, dean of the School of Film and Digital Media. "Gary Goldman�s work and career is an inspiration to our students and faculty. We are very excited to have such an esteemed and accomplished artist to mentor our students and enhance our program."

The School of Film and Digital Media at SCAD offers fully accredited programs in six major disciplines, including animation, broadcast design and motion graphics, interactive design and game development, sound design and visual effects. All of the departments offer Bachelor of Fine Arts, Master of Arts and Master of Fine Arts degrees. The school offers minors in all disciplines as well as a minor focused on technical direction.