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Saturn V and Apollo 15 DVDs Soar into Space

Two new Spacecraft Film treasures, THE MIGHTY SATURNS: SATURN V (EXTENDED COLLECTOR'S EDITION) and APOLLO 15: MAN MUST EXPLORE (EXTENDED COLLECTOR'S EDITION), are now available in separate three-disc and six-disc sets (Fox Home Ent., $49.98 and $89.98). They are the latest in the most comprehensive collection every assembled to chronicle NASA's early space missions. Developed and produced by film historian Mark Gray, they contain full-length TV transmissions and complete inventories of onboard film. With Saturn V, viewers join hundreds of thousands of workers from across America to develop and launch the most powerful and successful rocket ever flown. Next, they'll climb aboard Apollo 15 for an extraordinary fourth landing on the moon in July 1971 featuring the first lunar rover targeted to explore the Hadley-Apennine region of the moon.

SATURN V bonus features include:* Original 43-minute documentary containing interviews with Saturn veteran engineers* Footage from every Saturn V launch* Extensive full-duration pad camera footage* Unique footage from pods and cameras carried within the launch vehicle* 11 quarterly management reports on development and progress* Rare extras of engine tests, rollouts, pad operations and more

APOLLO 15 bonus features include:* Complete television and onboard motion picture film from the Apollo 15 mission* Rare onboard astronaut recordings* Exclusive computer flyover of the Apollo 15 landing site, showing EVA traverses and dramatic views of the Hadley Rille area* Multi-angle features during launch and lunar liftoff* Footage of training, spacecraft checkout, suitup, ingress, splashdown, and recovery even the crew statements on the carrier deck

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