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Sardine Teams with TVO for 'Mammoth'

Sardine Productions and TVO team up to create a television series from the book series "The Mammoth Academy."

Montreal, Canada -- Montreal-based Sardine Productions signed a development deal with TVO, Ontario’s public educational media organization, to take The Mammoth Academy from a book series to a children’s television series.

Woolly mammoths Oscar and Arabella, along with their many friends, embark on an exciting adventure when they start school at the one and only Mammoth Academy, where learning means mucking about and getting your paws, trunk, woolly hair and tail into the thick of things and deliciously dirty! Based on a series of books by British writer and illustrator Neal Layton, the project is certain to be a MAMMOTH experience in a 52 X 11 minute format.

“We’re excited to partner with Sardine Productions to develop The Mammoth Academy for pre-schoolers.” says Patricia Ellingson, TVO’s Creative Head of Children & Parent’s Media. “Mammoth is full of whimsy, heart and ‘makes you think.’ Every story encourages the audience to wonder, question and investigate the world around them.”

“The Mammoth Academy is the kind of BIG project we like.” says Ghislain Cyr, President of Sardine Productions. “The Mammoth Academy has that rare combination of natural appeal and intrinsic value. Set in the Ice Age, it is nonetheless warm and fuzzy, and totally contemporary.”

Source : Sardine Productions

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