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‘Sardine in Outer Space’ Hits Teletoon+ May 4

Toon Factory defines their path in the world of kids’ animation with new and future series including, ‘How to Shrink…,’ ‘Mood,’ and ‘The Music Traveller.’

Toon Factory has announced that Sardine in Outer Space premieres May 4 on Teletoon+ (Groupe Canal +). The animated series, for 6-10 years old, is adapted from the comic book of the same name by Joann Sfar (artistic director of the  series), Emmanuel Guibert (creator of the literary bible for the series) and Mathieu Sapin, who participated in the writing with a team led by Babette Vimenet. It will premiere exclusively on Télétoon+ with 2 episodes at 11:30 am (Monday -Friday) and 5:30 pm (all the week).

“Being a producer doesn't get better than this when you can bring so much formidable talent into an            animated series based on a no less formidable heroine,” noted Toon Factory co-founder and president, Thierry Berthier. “With the essential support of Télétoon+ we wanted to produce a program that was both funny and clever - like the original comic. I feel that we have succeeded and hope that kids and their parents will embrace Sardine on screen as they have already welcomed her into their families, reveling her adventures in print.”

Sardine in Outer Space is about a sparkling young lady who lives with her friends and her uncle, Captain Yellow Shoulder aboard a spaceship. Intrepid and boundless, this explosive troupe embarks on incredible adventures where the only limit is imagination! Between visiting ever more exotic planets and their missions to save the Universe, the horrible mean Supermuscleman and his sidekick Dr. Krock are never far off.

Co-produced with Red Frog, Caribara Productions and Scope Pictures, the 2D animated series (52 x 12') was directed by David Garcia. With a budget of 6.4M€, the project is one of the first animated series produced in UHD. The group Dyonisos wrote and performed the title song and the background music is signed Olivier Daviot. The series will be distributed by Mediatoon Distribution

“The Adventures of Sardine and Little Lulu” have sold more than 215,000 copies. The 14th volume, “Archificelle Intelligence” will drop May 29th. Initially published by Bayard Presse between 2002 and 2005, the rights were acquired by Les Editions Dargaud who has released 13 volumes since 2007.

Toon Factory continues to define their path in the world of children's animation with Berthier overseeing the development of three new series:

  • How to Shrink - Adapted from the comic books by Catherine Leblanc and Roland Garrigue, published by Glénat and in development with Canal +, 165,000 copies of the 15-book series have been sold in France. The series, an eccentric 2D animated comedy (78 x 7'), targets 5-7-year-olds in the form of a game show. The show pits kids against monsters who are symbolic of their fears, but with humor and critical thinking the children are able to “eliminate” their foes.
  • Moods - Developed by Séverine Vuillaume and Nathalie Resnikoff from an original idea by Severine Vuillaume, the series (78 x 7') targets 3-5 years. The series takes its inspiration from innovative educational methods, comforting and positive, that help children discover their emotions and teaches them how to control them during small daily conflicts. The series feature 12 small characters who embody their emotions and live them 100%! Watch out for trouble with these strong personalities! Like the children who are confronted daily with challenging situations, Moods are overcome by the flow of their emotions, but by helping each other, they will learn to cope with their feelings.
  • The Music Traveller - This collection of musical fables is a poetic quest to enchant the imagination. The 12 x 26’ episodes were written by the comic Smain and will be narrated by various well-known artists. Recorded by an orchestra, much in the manner of Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf, each story will have its own graphic style.

Toon Factory continues their activity in distribution through their sister company Toon Distribution:

  • CHI, My Kitten (Season 2) - Berthier holds the worldwide distribution rights (outside Asia and English-speaking territories) to the series adapted from the best-selling Manga by Konami Kanata. Published by Glenat, more than 2 million copies have sold in France. The 3D animated series (51 x 11’), is scheduled for release in October 2020. A second season is already in the works for 2021. Broadcast in France is by the Canal Plus group.

Source: Toon Factory