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Saints LA Completes VFX For Red and Meat & Potatoes

Saints LA, a full-service visual effects house, specializing in the creation of visual imagery for feature films, TV commercials, television programs, promos, web content, and music videos, has announced its latest projects.

Press Release from Saints LA

Downtown Los Angeles, CA, October 21, 2010 – Saints LA, a full-service visual effects house, specializing in the creation of visual imagery for feature films, TV commercials, television programs, promos, web content, and music videos, has announced its latest projects. Saints LA has created and delivered dozens of digital VFX to the new Bruce Willis feature film “Red,” marking the company’s first major feature film credit. Saints LA, working with the Visual FX Producer Bernardo Jauregui and Visual FX Supervisor James Madigan, provided various digital effects shots, to that film. “Red,” directed by Robert Schwentke, is from di Bonaventura Pictures and was released by Summit Entertainment on October 15th.

Regarding Saints LA’s contributions to “Red,” Jauregui said, "Saints LA VFX did a great job for us on ‘Red.’ They were able to roll with the punches and adjust to the director and studio needs with no issues whatsoever. They delivered seamless work on time and on budget. We had a great experience with Saints and plan on coming back for more!"

Adds Madigan, "The artists at Saints LA really delivered--everything from temp vfx shots to final composites. Saints LA owner’s Zach Kinney and Mark Larranaga can produce senior caliber work because of their experience and direct involvement with each shot, we were able to quickly make every change that the director asked for. We had a lot of fun working with these guys."

The storyline for “Red” is as follows: Frank (Bruce Willis), Joe (Morgan Freeman), Marvin (John Malkovich) and Victoria (Helen Mirren) used to be the CIA’s top agents – but the secrets they know just made them the Agency’s top targets. Now framed for assassination, they must use all of their collective cunning, experience and teamwork to stay one step ahead of their deadly pursuers and stay alive.

For The Food Network and client Engine Room, Saints LA designed and animated the on-air graphics package for the new series “Meat & Potatoes.” The delicious sequence designed by Kinney depicts the textures and tools of a butcher, a map of places visited by the Chef and host Rahm Fama, and an educational diagram of a large Kobe beef. Chef Rahm then shows off a gigantic hamburger before a large branding iron comes into frame, scorching the show’s logo into a juicy steak. And for client Irving Azoff Management, Saints LA has created visuals that will accompany the rock band Godsmack as they perform live, onstage. The imagery depicts the album artwork, which is an enormous, ascending red sphere called the “Oracle.”  The Oracle, as it slowly rises from a sea of darkness, slowly comes to life like the Sun in a massive solar storm. The ominous background flashes with lightning, revealing dark and sinister clouds forming the atmosphere as the song builds with intensity. The Oracle then begins to show subliminal images, hypnotizing the audience into a head-banging thrill, which should be experienced live. To view the “Meat & Potatoes” show open and the Godsmack “Oracle” projects, pls see: and click on “Recent Work”

ABOUT SAINTS LA:Founded in 2010 by industry notables Mark Larranaga and Zach Kinney, Saints LA is a full-service facility specializing in the creation and production of visual effects and motion graphics for film, television and web content. The partners say, “We set up this company in hopes to slowly move into more collaborative partnerships with directors and producers on larger films and television shows, and eventually into producing and directing our own ideas. With the industry’s shift into more and more 3D content, this should allow us these new opportunities.  As we grow in size, we’ve been setting up some alliances with medium to large visual effects shops overseas and abroad to be able to produce larger feature films.”

Larranaga adds, “All I’ve ever been around, throughout my career, is ‘Avatar’- sized productions, so I enjoy the hustle and challenges that come with these films.” Kinney continues, “We make it a point to have our artists well-versed in all the latest effects software, from Nuke to Flame, and After Effects to the latest 3D software and camera tracking software. It’s been amazing to see the development of each new package.”

Saints LA is located at 620 S. Main Street, Suite # 505, Los Angeles, CA, 90014. The phone is 213/489-4900, and the website is for further information, send inquires to

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