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Saddington Delivers Integrated Campaign for Chase

Saddington Baynes completed a series of works for Chase Bank’s latest print and digital campaign.

London, UK --

Saddington Baynes completed a series of works for Chase Bank’s latest print and digital campaign. The striking images and animation have been used as part of a promotional drive by the bank for its new reloadable card.

Having been commissioned separately by both McGarry Bowen and Bradley and Montgomery (BaM), the studio welcomed the opportunity to work closely with both agencies to deliver a consistent brand aesthetic across the campaign.

James Digby-Jones, Executive Creative Director at Saddington Baynes said, “Working with mood boards and visuals from both agencies and work-in-progress frames from a TV spot in production, it was important to design a visual language that carried the same aesthetics across to the various stills and online animation.

“We began with an extensive exploratory stage creating bespoke simulations of fluid dynamics, along with studies of lighting and material qualities. The simulations played a crucial role as we orchestrated physical properties to discover a personality of liquid that could best represent Chase.”

Celebrating its 21st birthday this year, Saddington Baynes has continued to deliver creative solutions for some of the world’s leading brands, including: Nike, Hilton, Mercedes, and Samsung. Their ability to seamlessly blend all of its services and package it for multiple media platforms is something that appealed to both client and the agencies involved on this project.

Gary Paultre, Senior Art Director at BaM said: “It’s easy to create natural liquid effects in 3D. Add a short timeline to the equation and it becomes even more difficult. Saddington Baynes was able to manage both successfully and create beautiful, dynamic artwork.

“They executed multiple, large scale print pieces, and unconventionally sized video elements for our campaign. The final outcome was spectacular and we look to working with Saddington in the future.”

Source: Saddington Baynes