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Süperfad Creates Pregame Promo for FOX Sports

For the inaugural season of College Football broadcasts on FOX Sports, Süperfad has created a hyper-realistic, effects-laden tailgate party to get viewers ready for the big game.

Seattle, WA -- For the inaugural season of College Football broadcasts on FOX Sports, Süperfad has created a hyper-realistic, effects-laden tailgate party to get viewers ready for the big game. Alongside pregame coverage starring the return of anchors Eddie George and Joey Harrington, along with newcomer Erin Andrews, formerly of ESPN, Superfad’s pregame promo video for FOX Sports provides a package of over 50 spectacular shots that will be used and altered to feature the competing teams of the weekly games.

“As the pregame promo, it was important to create a clip that generated hype and excitement before the actual game even starts,” says Chris Volckmann, Executive Producer at Superfad’s Seattle studio. “We were able to blend the bold, in-your-face look of FOX Sports with the fun-filled atmosphere of the ultimate tailgate party to deliver an easily adaptable game-day promo for all of FOX’s college football coverage.”

Opening with a field-level view of a packed stadium, the spot then reveals a cube-like FOX Sports logo flying into the stadium that lands at mid-field with a mighty crash. No sooner has the logo announced its presence does it begin to transform into a huge mechanical apparatus, complete with multiple viewing screens full of action. The camera flies deftly through the growing structure to reveal Andrews and her co-anchors, before moving on to hype the day’s game with photo-realistic CG helmets and uniforms of the competing teams. Bright colors and pulse-pounding music elevate the excitement as several screens emerge to provide details on the broadcast.

“We pitched a similar concept for FOX’s Major League Baseball broadcasts a few years ago,” says Volckmann. “FOX Sports Design loved the pitch, but ultimately felt it wasn’t quite right for baseball so we produced one of our other ideas. We were thrilled when they came to us wanting to rekindle the concept this year for College Football. We’ve given them a very deep package, with a lot of different looks and shots, and easy methods of swapping teams in and out each week. That way, the look will remain fresh and exciting throughout the long college football season.”

Source: Süperfad