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Rugrats Get All Grown Up Nov. 29 on Nick

Nickelodeon will reintroduce viewers to one of its all-time favorite family of characters, THE RUGRATS in a first-ever spin-off series, ALL GROWN UP. In a two-hour primetime premiere airing 8-10:00 pm on Nov. 29, 2003. The familiar characters will continue their adventures above rug level on the cusp of teen-hood, facing classic and comical pre-teen issues and dilemmas.

Four back-to-back episodes -- Truth or Consequences, Bad Kimi, Tweenage Tycoons and Susie Sings the Blues, produced by Klasky Cuspo will comprise the centerpiece of Thanksgiving vacations Nicksgiving Weekend. ALL GROWN UP continues regularly Saturdays (8:00 pm as part of the SNICK lineup, while RUGRATS continue with favorite and new episodes in other time periods.

Sparked by popular demand, the spin-off is an outgrowth of RUGRATS 10th anniversary special ALL GROWNED UP, which toppled records: a whopping 70% of all kids 2-11 tuned in on July 21, 2001.

The overwhelming, Super Bowl size success of the anniversary special proved kids are ready to embrace these beloved characters in a whole new realm, said Cyma Zarghami, evp/gm of Nick. The RUGRATS property is 12 years old, so it feels just right now to have the babies turn into tweens.

The friends, bonded since babyhood must still negotiate with bossy Angelica and even outmaneuver the trendy 13-year-old on occasion. Flashbacks in the series will give viewers a chance to re-explore moments from RUGRATS as well as peek at the missing years. Following is a rundown of the quartet of episodes comprising the series premiere:

8:00 pm Truth or Consequences -- Tommy enters a filmmaking contest and attempting Cinema Verite shoots his friends in less than flattering situations. When they furiously confront him, he must choose between friendship and his art.

8:30 pm Bad Kimi -- Kimi befriends Z, the proverbial bad boy. Chuckie is determined to prove to his sister this kid is up to no good before she gets into serious trouble. Enlisting the kids to spy on Z, they learn the shocking truth. Meanwhile, Angelica is unable to do her online Ask Angelica advice chat and uses Harold to sit in. When Harold is a great success she is no longer needed. But when Harolds fragile psyche is increasingly saddened by the agony of preteen angst, he relinquishes the position back to Angelica.

9:00 pm Tweenage Tycoons-- A favorite boy band, the Sulky Boys, is coming to town and tickets are $100 apiece! Knowing there is no way their parents will shell out that amount, the kids become mini-capitalists and begin to sell Dils crazy inventions to their classmates in order to raise the ticket money. But when competition from Angelica and consumer apathy for each product hurts sales, Tommy again and again leans on Dil for the next great product. With Dil about to snap from the pressure of creating the next big fad, Tommy must decide between his brothers sanity and a trip to the Sulky Boys.

9:30 pm Susie Sings the Blues-- Talented Susie is discovered by an agent who leads her to believe shes going to be the next teen superstar singer -- and crushed when the phony cons her out of a thousand dollars she borrowed from her sister. Meanwhile, Chuckie is tired of being Vanilla Finster and goes head-to-head with the vice principal, former pro wrestler Slam Bang Pangborn.

A three-time Emmy Award winner with an enormous following of kids and adults, RUGRATS was the top show on broadcast and cable among kids 2-11 from 1996-2001 (source: Nielsen Media Research) and the highest rated kids show on cable for eight straight years. Still currently a top 10 show, it wins its timeslot wherever it airs.

In addition, RUGRATS is seen internationally in more than 150 countries, was created by Arlene Klasky, Gabor Csupo and Paul Germain and is produced by Klasky Csupo, Inc. for Nickelodeon, a programming service of Viacom International In., ALL GROWN UP is created and produced by Klasky and Csupo, through their studio in Los Angeles.

The Characters

Tommy At 10, hes still intelligent, optimistic and eager, but he is not always the leader of the pack. He approaches the pre-teen jungle with trepidation, because, lets face it, its scary out there. He gains new confidence from his love of and success at filmmaking.

Chuckie Once scared of everything, at 11, Chuckie is testing who he can be. Tommys ever-loyal best friend cant help being usually cautious, but he will take a defiant stand for a cause he believes in and will risk danger to protect his sister Kimi.

Dil A kid with a quirky take on the world, hes all impulseWhen the mood strikes him, he will eat only foods that are green or hell hop to class. He enthusiastically signs on as Phils twin, when Lil strikes out on her own.

Phil The slowest of the onetime Rugrats to evolve, Lils twin brother still loves all things great and gross; only now its more in the bodily function arena. Phil has had to deal with Lils need for independence and in so doing, found his own.

Lil Lil perhaps has changed the most. She has been able to break from the we of twindom and embrace the me, while still being sensitive to Phils feelings. She often reminds Phil that girls mature faster after all, she is two minutes older -- and no longer sees the value of booger humor. She shows her independence in that shes not afraid to speak her mind, even if it means disagreeing with the other kids.

Kimi While totally devoted to each other, Kimi and Chuckie couldnt be more different. Whereas Chuckie is usually reserved, cautious and orderly, Kimi glories in leaping in with both feet. Shes adventurous, somewhat disorganized and sloppy but always a free thinker. She is close to and supportive of Susie, whom she has admired since they were little.

Angelica Now almost 13, Angelica considers herself an expert on all things teen and trendy. Her historic intimidating power has eroded. And now, if Angelica wants something, Tommy finds a way to get something in return, especially if it means helping Chuckie. Struggling to scale the slippery slope of the pre-teen hierarchy, Angelica leverages her way into situations that can enhance her popularity, be it reporting for the school paper or her on-line advice chats, Ask Angelica.

Susie She fits with ease into the A list crowd, driving Angelica crazy. shes not the finger-wagger she once was. Shes more live and let live but is always willing to aid a friend whos been dissed. Through the years, Susie has become more aware of her ethnicity and is beginning to embrace it.

Harold A friend from Susie and Angelicas pre-school years, Harold is still enthusiastic about everything and anything and remains Angelicas biggest fan, only now he can stand up to her bossiness if he has to.

Vice Principal Pangborn Former pro wrestler, Estes (Slam Bang) Pangborn is an enormous hulk of a head-shaved man who intimidates by his very appearance. He keeps his Slam Bang robe, belt, etc. encased in glass on his office wall. It was in the middle of administering a double-reverse pile driver when it hit him that he wanted a degree in early childhood development. As threatening as he appears, Estes has a soft side. He also serves as a PE teacher and coach.

Miss Shelley OKeats Angelica, Susie and Harolds overly romantic 7th grade English teacher tends to oscillate wildly between elation and despair. When Angelica sarcastically suggests OKeats dark sensibility would make her the perfect Christmas jingle writer, OKeats spirits soar.

Pepe The tightly wound, creative school cafeteria chef from the Island, Pepe offers such dishes as peanut butter and corned beef sandwiches and kiwi enchiladas. He takes his work very seriously and flinches at any criticism. Pepe is convinced hes ahead of his time and cant help it if the worlds palate isnt in sync with his own.

Mr. Beaker Tommy, Phil and Lils fifth grade teacher is a dry, wry Garry Shandling type whose face naturally assumes a hang-dog look. His father won a Nobel Prize in science, and hes stuck with kids who love fart jokes. His monotone sarcastic responses stem from a basically cynical view of life. He also serves as the outdoor lunch area supervisor.

Betty DeVille Now an employee at the Java Lava, Betty is her usual big, boisterous self with a twist. Shes a woman of a certain age and is subject to hormonal mood swings. Its not unusual to find her with her head buried in the ice machine. She remains first and foremost Phil and Lils Mom but now must tread lightly when dealing with their emerging pre-teen identities.

Chas Finster Owner of the Java Lava, Chas remains allergy-ridden and accident prone, which makes him a great foil for Bettys physical humor. While usually skittish, he will occasionally throw caution to the wind and go mano a mano to stand up for his kids, Chuckie and Kimi.

Charlotte Pickles Shes now the CEO of a huge conglomerate and although she clearly loves Angelica, she continues to be a preoccupied and often oblivious mother. Shes still convinced her daughters an angel. Her overly taut facelift makes her look constantly surprised.

Didi Pickles Now sporting a white streak in her hair, Didi remains the loving, well-intentioned mom to Tommy and Dil. Shes also finally earned a masters degree in child psychology. While still a gentle soul, she can react strongly when her children are under siege.

Stu Pickles -- Stu is still a loving, concerned, but absent-minded husband and dad whose work focus unintentionally gives license to Tommy and Dils adventures. He still runs Pickles Industries out of his basement, and the business now includes household appliances like the "Ride-O-Vac"... a mini-tornado of a vacuum cleaner. Starring:E.G. Daily as TommyNancy Cartwright as ChuckieCheryl Chase as AngelicaKath Soucie as Phil, Lil and Betty DeVilleTara Strong as DilDionne Quan as KimiCree Summer as SusieJoe Alaskey as Grandpa LouMichael Bell as Chas Finster, Drew and Grandpa BorisMelanie Chartoff as Didi Pickles and Grandma MinkaJack Riley as Stu PicklesJulia Kato as KiraTress MacNeille as Charlotte PicklesPhil Proctor as Howard DeVilleClancy Brownas Vice Principal Pangborn Bettina Bush as Alisa CarmichaelRon Glass as Randy CarmichaelAnn Magnuson as Miss OKeatsPat Musick as HaroldH Hattie Winston as Lucy CarmichaelFred Stoller as Mr. Beaker

Exec producers: Arlene Klasky and Gabor Csupo

Developed by: Kate Boutilier, Eryk Casemiro, Monica Piper Co-exec producer: Eryk CasemiroSupervising producer: Cella Nichols HarrisCreative producer: Jim DuffyProducer/head writer: Monica PiperCreative producer: John HolmquistCo-producers: Lora Lee, Sheila Anthony, Joe Purdy, Erin EhrlichProduced by: Susan Ward, Pernelle HayesSenior story editor: Peter HunzikerNickelodeon production exec Steve Keller Exec in charge of production: Terry ThorenVoice director: Charlie AdlerDirectors: Various Premiere: Jim Duffy (Susie Sings the Blues); Michael Kenny (Truth or ConsequencesWriters: Various Premiere: Sheila Anthony (Susie Sings the Blues); Erin Ehrlich (Truth or Consequences)Casting: Barbara Wright C.S.A. and MaryAnne Dacey Music and theme song by: Mark and Bob MothersbaughPerformed by: Cree SummerCharacter design supervisor: Carlos OrtegaBackground design supervisor: David Beall