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RTT Boosts Canon's MREAL Mixed Reality Platform

RTT and Canon partner to combine RTT DeltaGen with Canon’s new advanced Mixed Reality platform.


Royal Oak, MI -- RTT USA has entered into a strategic agreement with Canon to combine RTT DeltaGen, high-end 3D visualization software with Canon’s new advanced Mixed Reality (MR) platform, contributing to reduced development times during the product design process by merging real and virtual worlds. This partnership will help OEMs bring their products faster to market. With the seamless integration of RTT DeltaGen with the Canon MREAL System, users in design and engineering are able to experience lifelike product designs in enhanced visual quality– advancing the relevancy of the digital model even further.

“The introduction of Canon´s MREAL System with the capability to integrate highly realistic product designs and interact with them in a Mixed Reality setting through Canon´s Head-Mounted Display (HMD) represents a leap ahead of existing Virtual Reality (VR) systems, that merely focus on computer-generated environments,” said Peter Stevenson, CEO RTT USA. Linking RTT DeltaGen to the new MREAL System allows the users from various industrial sectors to go way beyond typical VR technology and combine the rich visual information of the real world with the flexibility of computer generated (CG) images in high visual quality. As a result, the new MREAL System will enhance a wide range of industrial applications such as product lifecycle management (PLM), digital prototypes and industrial design studies. 

 “We are very excited about our partnership with RTT and the sophisticated 3D visualization capabilities RTT DeltaGen software brings to our Mixed Reality solution. By combining Canon´s advanced HMD with a robust software platform and high-end 3D visualizations, product designs can be brought to life with a complete new visual experience,” said Sam Yoshida, vice president and general manager, Marketing, Business Imaging Solutions Group, Canon U.S.A.

The high-end 3D visualization software RTT DeltaGen integrates seamlessly with Canon’s MREAL System to identify visual markers through stereoscopic cameras within the Canon HMD. Virtual objects are projected onto the two displays set in front of the user’s eyes inside the HMD, seamlessly mixing the real with the virtual world. Enhanced image processing and realtime sensor data are combined with Canon’s patented optical system to mix the images. Wearing the lightweight HMD, users are able to observe their virtual models within the mixed environment from any angle and even manipulate the virtual scene naturally.

This innovative approach extends the viability for a digital asset created in RTT DeltaGen even further. Allowing the user to interact with a rendering in real space has implications across a wide range of industries. For instance, this could be employed in the medical field for surgical training, research and development. Aerospace and defense companies can utilize the technology for simulation and engineering design.  Customers choose RTT for the company’s unique portfolio of high-end technology, creative turn-key solutions and CGI as the basis for customized applications and end-to-end process support. RTT’s comprehensive approach combines with industry-specific expertise, ensuring sustainable processes to develop and market products faster, cost-effectively and in exciting, new ways.

Source: RTT