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Rough Draft to produce "Baby Blues", fueling rumor of Warner layoffs

Los Angeles-based Rough Draft Studios has been awarded five episodes of the animated "Baby Blues" series. Thirteen episodes of "Baby Blues" have been ordered and will air in fall '99 on the WB prime time schedule. The first eight episodes are being completed by Warner Bros. Television Animation. This recent development fuels rumors that Warner Bros. Television Animation is in the midst of cutbacks. Inside sources have said that Warners will cease production on "Histeria!" after only 52 episodes, cutting 13 previously announced half hours. "Pinky, Elmyra, and the Brain" is also rumored to be finishing its last season without a pick up. As a result, nearly one hundred layoffs are supposedly looming on the horizon before year's end. Officially, a Warner Bros. spokesperson stated that no decision has yet been made on the fate of the two shows, which are still currently in production, and that while there would be layoffs, they are undetermined at this time.