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Roth´s Revolution $3 Billion Backers Revealed

Former Disney chairman Joe Roths Revolution Studios, a film and television production company, has released the details regarding the roles that its investors will serve. Sony Pictures Entertainment, Starz! Encore Group and Fox Entertainment Groups were among the investors that have sunk US$3 billion into the five-month old production house. Additionally, Revolution has gained a controlling stake in the on-line entertainment channel The Web company will serve as Revolutions internal marketing service, producing tie-ins with productions from their inception to their release. Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) will handle the worldwide theatrical distribution rights, except in Germany, Japan, Scandinavia, Portugal and Israel, for Revolution Studios productions. Senator Films will handle the rights in Germany and Toho-Towa will handle Japan. SPE will also handle the home video rights in North America, while Pony Canyon will handle the video rights in Japan. Starz! Encore Group will receive the pay-per-view rights and plans to use the Revolution titles on its 12-channel Super Pak of commercial-free movies. Fox Entertainment Group will control the basic cable and broadcast TV rights for all films produced by the new studios. In addition, Fox will also control the domestic distribution of any TV series produced by Roths firm. Currently, Revolution is filming TOMCATS with Jerry OConnell and Shannon Elizabeth. Roth has also signed a nonexclusive three-picture deal with Julia Roberts that has brought the mega-stars production company Shoelace Productions to Revolution.

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