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The Rookies Launch ‘Certified Digital Artist’ Program

With benchmarks determined by over 350 industry leaders, educators, and consultants, the new educational resource sets out to provide recognized core competencies and skills for entry level positions in the animation, VFX, and games industries.

Australia-based The Rookies, known for its highly-respected annual The Rookie Awards digital skills contest, has announced the launch of Certified Digital Artist, a program to certify digital artists in animation, visual effects, and games, grounded in its competency framework for entry-level positions for production environments. The program sets out to provide clear goals and expectations to participants while helping them gain mastery of core creative media skill.

The program was developed with key funding contributions from Epic Games and the Government of South Australia - Department of Innovation and Skills. The following companies are full supporters of this initiative and helped determine benchmarks for entry-level roles: Sony Pictures Imageworks; Technicolor; Method Studios; PlaySide Studios; Monkeystack; Crystal Dynamics; DNEG; and The Rookies.

“A CDA is better qualified than other digital artists and recognized by industry partners as someone who is credible and suitable for entry-level roles in creative industries,” explained The Rookies and Certified Digital Artist co-founder Andrew McDonald. “Individuals who have received a CDA micro-credential are trained in industry accepted principles and best practice.”

Over 350 industry experts, educators and consultants contributed their time and knowledge to help define the core competencies and skills outlined in the resource, making sure it was suitable for market and responsive to industry needs.

“Many of my students ask if their skills are good enough to start applying for jobs,” noted Michael Tanzillo, Substance 3D at Adobe. “This certification gives them the definitive answer that they are ready to start applying for their dream job!"

“I think this is going to help us have access to a more diverse pool as some individuals that are self-taught can now technically apply for accreditation – REALLY exciting!" added Christeen Mackey, Lead Recruiter - Art & Animation @ Blizzard Entertainment.

Official applications to become Certified Digital Artists will begin June 2022. Meanwhile, the team plans to expand partnerships, continue to refine the resource, and continue to standardize skills for digital artists on a global stage.

Additional information is available here.

Source: The Rookies

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Debbie Diamond Sarto is news editor at Animation World Network.