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The Rookie Awards 2023 Competition Now Open

The 13th annual global contest for aspiring creative media and entertainment artists is accepting entries now through June 1.

The Rookies, a leading platform dedicated to elevating emerging talent in digital arts, has opened the 13th edition of The Rookie Awards for submissions. This prestigious global competition recognizes the talents of aspiring artists in visual effects, animation, games, VR, virtual fashion, motion graphics, concept art, and design, offering recognition, an array of prizes, and industry opportunities that can propel their careers.

This year's primary sponsors include studios Wētā FX; Outpost VFX; and EA Sports, in addition to Epic Games; Dell Technologies; NVIDIA; Adobe; and Autodesk.

Additionally, the following companies sponsor the contest and actively help provide opportunities for aspiring digital artists:  SideFX; Chaos; Lenovo; CLO; Marvelous Designer; Foundry; GridMarkets; Marmoset; Huion; Maxon; Wacom; Isotropix; Toon Boom Animation; KitBash3D; Sini Software; Browzwear; 2G Studio; 3D World; AWN; Ghost VFX; Blowfish Studios; Binyan; Mighty Kingdom; DNEG; INDG; On Animation Studio; That's No Moon; Unsigned Studio; beloFX; Playside Studios; and Realworld One.

“I love being involved with The Rookies and the community they have built,” said Kelly Barschig, VP, Talent Acquisition, That's No Moon.  “I feel there is an opportunity within The Rookies to continue having outreach and support for artists outside of my regular job which I am very thankful for.”

Julie Lottering, Director, Unreal Engine Education at Epic Games, stated, “Celebrating new talent and ideas, The Rookie Awards provides creators of all skill levels with a much-needed platform in their emerging careers. Epic is proud to sponsor The Rookies as they continue to recognize the exceptional work of students and schools across the globe.”

“I am so fortunate to follow the journey of so many of our members from the moment they join as debuts, to marveling at their Rookie Awards entries as they progress on their journeys,” said Sabrina Scalfari, Marketing & Education, The Rookies. “I am always amazed at the passion, creativity, and talent that is evident in their work.”

The Official Category Groups and Categories are:

  • Rookie of the Year:  2D Animation, 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Concept Art, Game Development, Immersive Media, Motion Graphics, Product Design, Architectural Visualization, and Virtual Fashion.
  • Film of the Year: 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Visual Effects.
  • Game of the Year: Immersive Media, Mobile, PC & Console.
  • Specialty: School of the Year.

Important Dates for the Rookie Awards are:

  • March 7, 2023: Entries open
  • June 1, 2023: Entries close
  • July 9, 2022: Finalists Announced
  • July 27, 2022: Winners Announced

Additional information on how to enter may be found here.

Source: The Rookie Awards

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