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Roland Emmerich to Receive 2019 VES Visionary Award

Noted ‘Independence Day’ director-producer joins previous visionaries Jonathan Nolan, Victoria Alonso, Syd Mead, J.J. Abrams, Alfonso Cuarón, Ang Lee and Christopher Nolan as recipient of prestigious Visual Effects Society award.

LOS ANGELES The Visual Effects Society (VES) has announced that director-producer-screenwriter Roland Emmerich is being honored with the VES Visionary Award in recognition of his valuable contributions to filmed entertainment. The award, which is designated by the VES board of directors, recognizes an individual who has uniquely and consistently employed the art and science of visual effects to foster imagination and ignite future discoveries by way of artistry, invention and groundbreaking work. Emmerich, an inventive and highly visual storyteller, was selected for his vision and ability to harness craft and technology in creating epic cinematic experiences. 

“Roland Emmerich has been at the forefront of utilizing visual effects to tell remarkable stories that transfix audiences and create new worlds,” remarked VES board chair, Mike Chambers.  “Roland has a unique ability to harness emerging technology to bring his expansive visions to life and he has made an indelible mark in the world of filmed entertainment. For this and more, we are honored to award him with the prestigious VES Visionary Award.”

Emmerich’s films, including Independence Day, Stargate, Godzilla, The Patriot, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012, White House Down, and Independence Day: Resurgence - have taken in more than $4 billion worldwide. His latest feature, MIDWAY, recounts the epic naval clash between American and Japanese forces that marked a turning point in the Pacific Theater during World War II. The action-packed feature is based on real-life events, paying homage to the pilots, leaders and sailors, and their bravery. The film was released November 8.

German born Emmerich began his career when his first film, a student project called The Noah’s Ark Principle, played in competition at the 1984 Berlin Film Festival. He subsequently setup Centropolis Entertainment in 1985 and under this banner produced and directed over 20 feature films. Emmerich is also a campaigner and contributor for various charities and projects including, but not limited to, the Cambodian Children’s Fund, the Gay and Lesbian Education Network (GLSEN), Global Green, American Red Cross, and the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

Previous winners of the VES Visionary Award have been Jonathan Nolan, Victoria Alonso, Syd Mead, J.J. Abrams, Alfonso Cuarón, Ang Lee and Christopher Nolan. 

Martin Scorsese, award winning director-producer-screenwriter, is the forthcoming recipient of the VES Lifetime Achievement Award and visual effects supervisor Sheena Duggal is the forthcoming recipient of the VES Award for Creative Excellence.

The awards will be presented at the 18th annual VES Awards on January 29, 2020 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Source: Visual Effects Society