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Roger and Big Machine Join Forces in Strategic Merger

Expanded studio brings clients multidisciplinary creative resources in branding, design, animation, VFX, VR/AR, live-action and content development. 

LOS ANGELES -- Creative agency Roger and full-service production company Big Machine has announced a strategic merger, expanding the creative capabilities for their respective agencies, brand, and entertainment clients. The LA-based studios will retain the Roger name and continue all operations at their newly renovated Silver Lake facility. Representing Roger in the business partnership are creative directors, Terence Lee and Dane Macbeth, and executive producer, Josh Libitsky; director, Steve Petersen, creative director, Ken Carlson, and business development, Sean Owolo, represent Big Machine.

With its expanded creative team, Roger aims to set a new benchmark for multidisciplinary creative studios, offering talent and resources for projects that require branding, design, animation, VFX, VR/AR, live-action, and content development.

“Big Machine and Roger have always looked at ways to partner on projects and organically expand our reach into new markets,” Lee commented. “We just genuinely click as creatives and as friends and share a vision for what it takes to bring together talent, ideas, and resources to create awesome work.”

“We saw a tremendous opportunity to make an impact within the industry in a way that wouldn’t be possible without joining forces,” added Owolo. “Roger’s breakthrough creative for major brands and Big Machine’s Emmy-winning content know-how allow us to offer our clients a truly complete package for every aspect of their brand.”

Since the merger, the studio has already embarked on a number of projects, including major creative campaigns for Disney and Sony Pictures.

Roger’s new 6,500-square-foot studio includes four private offices, three editing suites, two conference rooms, an empty shooting space for greenscreen work, a kitchen, and lounge. It has been designed, from the ground up, to foster a collaborative working environment.

“Existing clients will appreciate the breadth of experience we have under one roof now,” concluded Libitsky. “We can assemble highly strategic and super-talented teams tailored to a specific project -- or combine all of our resources in tandem to develop a fully integrated experience from the top down. We're equally excited about how the merger positions us to explore and experiment with new mediums and areas of business.”

Source: Roger