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Roars Of Controversy Over Dinosaur In Italy

Disney's DINOSAUR was released without any restriction in Italy and is gaining quite a bit of heat over the violent content. The film was released on December 1 with a suitable-for-all-ages rating, spurring complaints from parental associations like Italy's Parents Movement, child psychologists and government agencies like the Special Senate Commission for Infants. Currently, Italy has three rating levels: suitable-for-all-ages; under 14 not admitted; and under 18 not admitted. Italy's Undersecretary of Communications, Vincenzo Vita, is calling for the creation of a PG-type rating in the country. "The Disney brand name in itself is not a guarantee," Vita said. "What's needed is adequate attention to minors something absolutely lacking from the major film and television producers." However, controversy often rakes in cash DINOSAUR has grossed over 7 billion lire (US$3.5 million) after two weekends.

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