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The Road To El Dorado Leads To Home Video

DreamWorks is releasing its animated feature THE ROAD TO EL DORADO on VHS and DVD December 12, 2000. In conjunction with the release, DreamWorks is running a national "Instant Win" campaign for the opportunity to win the grand prize of US$1 million. The film follows friends Tulio and Miguel and their search for the mysterious city of gold. EL DORADO stars the voices of Kevin Kline (Tulio), Kenneth Branagh (Miguel), Edward James Olmos (The Chief), Armand Assante (Tzekel-Kan) and Rosie Perez (Chel). The DVD features a DVD-ROM component offering an interactive PC Game demo, "Aztec Adventures;" a brain teaser trivia game; letter and number learning activities; downloadable coloring pages and mazes; and a screen saver. The DVD also includes a read-along to the story of EL DORADO; an exclusive director's commentary; Elton John's music video for "Some Day Out of the Blue;" a special behind-the-scenes featurette; cast and crew bios; production notes; and theatrical marketing materials. The picture will retail for US$15.95 (VHS) and $19.95 (DVD). Additionally, DreamWorks is offering consumers a $3 rebate on purchase of both THE ROAD TO EL DORADO PC Game and THE ROAD TO EL DORADO VHS or DVD via an in-pack coupon inside both products.

Read Sharon Schatz's Animation World Magazine article Paving the Musical Road to El Dorado to find out how big name talent, like Elton John, Tim Rice, Hans Zimmer and John Powell, created the music and songs for EL DORADO.

J. Paul Peszko goes behind the scenes to reveal the new production processes used in the production of DreamWorks' second traditionally animated feature.

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