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‘The Rise of Ultraman Collection’ Coming on Blu-Ray July 10

Set features 9 episodes from the original ‘Ultraman’ series, a collectible booklet and episode guide, and a 5-part bonus feature, ‘Secrets of The Rise of Ultraman.’

Coming July 10 from Mill Creek Entertainment, The Rise of Ultraman Collection is a Blu-ray set featuring 9 exclusive episodes of the original animated Ultraman series. The collection also includes English dubs, collectible artwork, and a bonus feature from Marvel Comics and Starlight Runner Productions.


- 12-page collectible booklet and episode guide with 228 minutes of the classic sci-fi/fantasy with the original broadcast edits fully remastered in HD, and available for the first time with English dubs in DTS-HD Master Audio.

- New 5-part bonus feature, Secrets of The Rise of Ultraman, a collaboration of of Marvel Comics and Starlight Runner Productions. This video series takes place within the vast multiverse of the Ultraman series that explores the exciting connections between the various television series and movies, and the all-new storyline of the comics.

- The cover features art created by Arthur Adams from a collaboration of Marvel Comics and Tsuburaya Production.

The Rise of Ultraman Collection will include the following episodes:

Episode 3 – “Science Patrol, Move Out”

  • Fuji and Hoshino investigate strange sounds and movement coming from the well of Odawara Castle. According to folklore, 500 years ago a famous samurai drove a rampaging monster, Neronga, underground and it remains alive.

Episode 21 – “Breach the Wall of Smoke”

  • The mysterious death of birds near the dormant Mt. Omu may be a prelude to renewed volcanic activity, but when a picnic party reports seeing shining eyes through a sudden fog, the SSSP investigates.

Episode 28 – “Human Specimens 5 & 6”

  • While investigating a series of mysterious bus crashes, Muramatsu and Ide encounter a strange spatial phenomenon. Even though the bus plunges off a cliff, all the passengers are accounted for and escape serious injury.

Episode 29 – “Challenge to The Underground”

  • A subterranean monster at the Otayama gold mines has laid the town of Muro to waste. Captain Muramatsu orders the airlift of the Vellucidar, a new drill-boring tank capable of tunneling underground.

Episode 30 – “Phantom of The Snow Mountains” –

  • Yuki, a teenage orphan, is vilified by the locals as “Yukinko” (Snow Girl). She vexes hunters by setting free the animals caught in their traps and believes her late mother was a mythical figure in tune with nature.

Episode 31 – “Who Goes There?”

  • SSSP Agent Goto returns to Japan after many years in service of the Bolivian branch, but his behavior and questions about the defensive capabilities of SSSP headquarters raise suspicions.

Episode 34 – “A Gift From The Sky”

  • Unleashed from a meteorite, a giant monster of tremendous mass, Skydon, begins to lay waste to the city. The SSSP is ordered to dispatch the beast, but even their most advanced weapons are ineffective.

Episode 35 – “The Monster Graveyard”

  • During patrol of space in a realm designated the “Ultra Zone,” Ide and Arashi discover a repository of monsters defeated by Ultraman and dub it the “Monster Graveyard.”

Episode 38 – “Spaceship Rescue Command”

  • The Nippon Astronautics Space Agency has been monitoring their unmanned Prospector Probe on the planetoid designated “Q.” Suddenly, the monitors flash with an extremely bright light.

Mill Creek Entertainment has licensed the Ultraman back-catalog from the team at Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd. through international distribution partner Indigo Entertainment Ltd.

Secrets of The Rise of Ultraman Collection Blu-ray will be exclusively sold on as part of the launch of a dedicated Ultraman storefront that will offer all Mill Creek Entertainment's current Blu-ray/SteelBook releases in addition to other Ultraman related merchandise and products. Available July 10, 2021, the set is now available for preorder here.

Source: Mill Creek Entertainment