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RISE FX’s ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Crazy Motorcycle Chase VFX Breakdown Reel

German visual effects studio releases new video highlighting their work on Idris Elba’s full throttle daredevil motorcycle pursuit through London, in David Leitch and Universal Pictures’ hit action-adventure.

RISE FX, the award-winning German visual effects studio, has released a VFX breakdown reel highlighting their recent high-octane motorcycle chase work on David Leitch and Universal Pictures’ 2019 action-adventure hit, Hobbs & Shaw. This is the studio’s second project in the Fast & Furious universe.

RISE’s team was led by VFX supervisor Jonathan Weber put the finishing touches on a crazy motorcycle pursuit through London, swapping out backgrounds and adding CG cars and busses to make traffic look more dangerous. For some shots, the villain Brixton (Idris Elba) and his motorcycle were replaced entirely by a CG digi-double to make the stunts look even crazier. FX simulations for broken glass and tire smoke helped enhance the mayhem.

Source: RISE FX

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