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Ring Of Fire Walks With Christopher Reeve in Super Bowl Spot

RING OF FIRE made the crippled walk in Nuveen & Co.'s Super Bowl spot.

Andrew Douglas of SATELLITE was brought in to direct the futuristic spot

where paralyzed actor Christopher Reeve walks to a podium to receive an

award. The super feet was done for Minneapolis, Minnesota-based ad agency

Fallon McElligott. Ring of Fire's founder, Jerry Spivack, served as

creative director and visual effects supervisor for the commercial. Ring of

Fire isn't new to creating outstanding Super Bowl spots, their 1999

"Separated at Birth" commercial for Budweiser was voted best Super Bowl

spot in a USA TODAY poll. The commercial featured two Dalmatian puppies --

the first rides with firemen, while the other rides with a Clydesdale-drawn

Budweiser beer wagon. Who do you think has the better fate?

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