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Riffing on Memes: Doing Things Media’s ‘Office Fire’ Now on IGTV

New animated series takes on contemporary meme culture; two employees distract themselves at work by watching and making fun of DTM’s vast library of viral video content.

Doing Things Media (DTM), a company fueling today’s meme culture, has launched a new animated series Office Fire, now available on IGTV. The series is produced in collaboration with Cartuna, the animation studio behind Comedy Central’s Loafy, Syfy’s Magical Girl Friendship Squad and Facebook Watch’s Human Kind Of.

Starring Ben Chan and Emil Derosa, Office Fire centers around two employees, A.I. and Duncan, as they distract themselves from work by hilariously critiquing short videos from DTM’s expansive library of viral video content. 

News of the new series comes on the heels of DTM announcing a television development deal with Tim & Eric for the viral internet series All Gas No Brakes.

Source: Doing Things Media