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REZN8 Forms Advisory Board

REZN8, a digital design and communications firm, has announced that it has created an advisory board to help guide its business and to facilitate new market initiatives. The advisory board consists of five members from various disciplines who will provide input on strategic advice and direction to Paul Sidlo, founder and CEO of REZN8. Robert Block is co-founder, chairman and CEO of International Communication Technologies Inc. (ICT). His role will include advising on strategic corporate planning, technology developments and communication structuring and negotiations. Walter Dunn held several positions with the Coca-Cola Company, including director and senior vice president in the office of the chairman. Dunn's role will include strategic corporate planning as well as increasing company visibility through partnerships with future clients. Michael Finley is president of Verizon Wireless in Southern California. Finley will be advising REZN8 on telecommunication trends and monitoring new business opportunities in this area. Richard Gentile has an extensive background in major international sporting event production. Recently, Gentile was a senior vice president and executive producer for the 2000 Paralympics Games. Gentile will advise on major event production activities such as domestic and international sports events, as well as on the technical aspects of current and future clients. Archie Purvis has 20 years of domestic and international marketing and sales experience developed through associations with such companies as Capital Cities/ABC, Polaroid, MCA and General Foods. Purvis will relay information regarding new business opportunities as well as monitoring and advising on related projects. "REZN8 is fortunate to have formed an advisory board that consists of leaders of high accomplishment and distinction who can bring their considerable talents and experience to the company," said Sidlo. "They have the proven track records that will fast track the growth of our company by guiding and monitoring the tools and trends within various key industries."

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