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Revolution Pimps Out Flash-Animated Feature

Former Disney chairman Joe Roths Revolution Studios will turn the Web series, LIL PIMP, into a Flash-animated feature. The series will be the first feature length film to be animated using Macromedias Flash software. Creators Paul Gilstrap and Mark Brooks with their team of four animators are set to scribe, produce and direct the project. Production on the flick could begin as early as three to four weeks. No monetary details have been released, however Gilstrap and Brooks look to make most of their money from backend revenues. The project is more of a publicity tool for the series and Revolution-owned than a Webtoon breaking out into a new medium. Columbia Pictures is set to release the 80-minute film sometime next year. The story follows the scams and scandals of 9-year-old Lil Pimp and his fellow hustlin hoods as they make their money pandering prostitutes.

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