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The Reuben Awards...and they're not for the best sandwich

The National Cartoonists Society (NCS) has announced their 1998 Reuben Award nominees, honoring the best in the cartooning industry. The winners will be announced May 8 at the NCS Reuben Weekend in San Antonio, Texas. Among the honors are two categories recognizing individuals in the television and feature animation fields. The '98 animation nominees are:

TV Animation:Danny Antonucci (creator of ED, EDD N EDDY)Barry Caldwell (STEVEN SPIELBERG PRESENTS PINKY & THE BRAIN)Linda Miller (DISNEY'S 101 DALMATIONS: THE SERIES)

Feature Animation:Tom Bancroft (lead animator of Mushu in Disney's MULAN)Chen Yi Chang (lead designer on Disney's MULAN)Kristof Serrand (lead animator of adult Moses in DreamWorks' THE PRINCE OF EGYPT)

The 1997 animation category winners were David Feiss (creator of COW & CHICKEN) for TV and Nik Ranieri (lead animator of Hades in Disney's HERCULES) for feature animation. For a complete list of nominees or details on the NCS Reuben weekend, visit