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Results from Latin America's largest festival

The results are in from the 20th Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latino Americano, which took place in Havana, Cuba, from December 1-11, 1998. All the films in competition were from Latin American countries. The following awards were given out for animated entries:

The Coral Award for Best Animation: "Jonas and Lisa," 9 minutes, directed by artists Daniel Schorr (Brazil) and Zabelle Coté (Canada). This beautifully animated film was produced at the National Film Board of Canada in 1994 and tells the story of a poor child living in the slums of Rio de Janeiro that is forced to run away from home to escape the abuses of a drunk, jobless stepfather, a common reality faced by many kids living in the streets of Rio.

Second Best Animation: "Largo es el camino al Cielo" ("The Path to Heaven is Distant"), 8 minutes, directed by Jose Angel Garcia Morene (Mexico).

Third Best Animation: "Pronto Saldremos del Problema" ("Soon, we will Get Out of the Problem"), 4 minutes, a computer animated film directed by Jorge Ramirez Suarez (Mexico).