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Renegade Animation, Fitzroy Media Plan Animated Heathcliff Interstitials

Street-smart feline Heathcliff is about to make a comeback as media property development company Fitzroy Media (FRM) has tapped Renegade Animation to produce a series of new projects featuring the mischievous cat.

This month, Renegade will begin production of 50 two-minute animated interstitials. Animation director Darrell Van Citters, who leads Renegade's creative team, will develop an updated look for the new animation. Targeting an adult and tween audience, the new Heathcliff will focus on comedy set against a hip, club-music sound.

Van Citters credits include the animated feature CHRISTMAS IS HERE AGAIN as well as the Cartoon Network series HI HI PUFFY AMIYUMI and CAPTAIN STURDY.

A new Heathcliff DVD is the first project to be green-lighted by Fitzroy under an agreement with cartoonist Peter Gallagher, who writes and draws the Heathcliff comic strip created in 1973 by his uncle, George Gately. Under the agreement, Fitzroy Media will develop animated feature films, direct-to-DVD releases and location based entertainment projects. It will also reach out to the licensing and merchandising community with opportunities to develop products based on the evergreen Heathcliff character.