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Rendercore Launches Macintosh OSX Support for Maya 7.0

Rendercore Inc. provides complete integration and support for Mac OSX version of Maya 7.0 from Alias.

"With prevalence of Mac OSX as an important part of creating photoreal imagery in the computer graphics industry, we worked diligently to include the Maya Mac OSX version shortly after its introduction," commented Brian Kim, technical director for Rendercore.

"Maya has always been an important part of our product offering, so being able to include Maya 7.0 for Mac OSX becomes a welcome addition for the many Mac users who are involved in CG and who may already be using our remote rendering tools with other applications," added Henry Choi, president of Rendercore.

"We strive to continue to expand and improve our remote rendering service ability and capacity to complement our cutting edge remote rendering infrastructure," continued Choi. "We are pleased with this addition and know our customers will also."

Rendercore's proprietary premier remote rendering solution "RenMan" allows all clients who are connected to the Internet to access Rendercore's sophisticated and secure renderfarm. This allows clients to manage jobs in progress through the intuitive interface by allowing automatic uploads of files for submission and monitoring of submitted jobs remotely and efficiently, from anywhere, anytime.

Rendercore in the past year has added numerous modules and versions of many of the computer graphics tools to its product list in order to continue to meet the growing needs of its client base.

"Working with RenderCore for our project was terrific. Their quality, customer service and speed were a 10/10 experience. Rendercore will definitely be our remote rendering service for future projects," stated Tyler Fouche, Interactive producer for Hanna Interactive

Founded in Hollywood in 2002, Rendercore ( offers on-demand, remote rendering services and solutions for the customers from such diversified industries as entertainment, architectural, engineering and industrial design who demand huge computing resources.

With more than 3Tera Hz computing power built by the latest Intel dual Xeon and dual core processors, a cutting edge super-computing infrastructure and the industry's first remote rendering software, Rendercore's renderfarm provides instant on, outsource rendering capacity for users of Alias Maya, 3Ds Max, Cinema 4D, LightWave and Brazil r/s.

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Bill Desowitz, former editor of VFXWorld, is currently the Crafts Editor of IndieWire.