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Reimagined ‘Pinocchio and Friends’ CG Series Coming in 2021

From Italian animation pioneer Iginio Straffi, Pinocchio is transported to a contemporary world that combines old stories with traditional adventure and Italian locals, creating magic events that clash with modern everyday life.

Rainbow Group has released details about its upcoming CG animated series, Pinocchio and Friends (26 x 12’), debuting on small screens in 2021. Italian animation pioneer, Iginio Straffi, is taking Carlo Collodi’s original “The Adventures of Pinocchio,” and reimagining it as a contemporary, irreverent, and charming childrens’ series. The pilot has attracted interest from major broadcasters and networks.

Straffi’s new Pinocchio series is created entirely from the point of view of children, for children, and focusing on the bridge target market. The show brings fresh new energy to the classic fairy tale by mixing modern life and all its progress with the spirit of magic.

Paying tribute to Collodi’s avant garde work, the series recreates the story with fresh eyes and a modern twist. Rainbow’s vision transports the classic character into today’s world of bustle and smartphones, filling Pinocchio’s world with adventure, comedy, fun, and educational elements while bringing out the essence of what makes the original character so inspirational and timeless.

“Pinocchio is the best-loved Italian character ever created in our fairy tale literature, and the Rainbow Group’s roots are here in Italy,” commented Straffi. “Throughout my career, I have been waiting for the right moment to bring this concept to light with the attention to detail and quality it deserves. Now that I have my chance, I won’t hesitate to reveal a contemporary Pinocchio who speaks to children in a light-hearted, educational show that empowers their dreams. Families will love this compelling series and kids will find their new TV hero in Pinocchio."

Straffi’s unique take on Pinocchio combines the fairy-tale atmosphere of old stories and traditional Italian locales with adventure, thrills, and fun – creating a story of magic events clashing with modern everyday life. Pinocchio is an enchanted puppet living in today’s world, one where anything is possible. He grows alongside his best friends, Grandpa Geppetto, the pirate doll Freeda, and the Talking Cricket, as he dreams of one day becoming a real boy by following the advice of the Fairy with Turquoise hair. Characters from the original story are joined by new ones in a setting that promises to bring fresh air to televisions around the world.

Source: Rainbow Group