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Register for VlogBox’s ‘Get-Together’ Webinar on CTV Apps and Channel Monetization

First live virtual event in series is devoted to video content creators looking to maximize earning potential through their own connected TV / OTT channels.

VlogBox, a leading video content monetization and distribution company, is launching a new webinar series, “Get-Together,” where video and CTV industry experts will come together to help content creators maximize their earnings potential through their own connected TV / OTT channels.

Vloggers, streamers, animation and digital studios, as well other video content owners are invited to join the live webinar, “OTT for Creators Comes Naturally: Why is CTV Another Key Platform for Your Videos?” set for September 27, 2021. Click here to register.

Over 183.5 million people in the US made the move to CTV in 2020, and the numbers keep growing. Content creators doesn’t want to get left behind the booming CTV migration.

The Get-Together webinar panel experts will cover key topics and answer important questions that all content creators should know:

  • Trends and changes in the video landscape: what channels are people tapping into to maximize their views?
  • What content verticals are best suited to CTV?
  • What are the best streaming services for market entry, channel development, and monetization?
  • How can you develop your own CTV apps on Roku, Fire TV, Android TV, and Apple TV?
  • How can I determine the best CTV app development platform and monetization strategy?
  • What are the best ways to promote awareness of my CTV content?
  • How can we make sure our ads are relevant to our content and the users who watch it?

The three webinar panel experts who will debunk misconceptions about the OTT space are:

  • Anna McMichael is Director of Strategic Partnerships at VlogBox. She has vast experience building relationships with content creators as well as supply and demand side partners, facilitating their integration into the OTT universe. Over the past 7 years, Anna has worked extensively in the SaaS, AdTech, and MarTech industries, giving her the breadth of experience needed to successfully advise creators on their CTV journey.
  • Aaron Bendish is Director of Advertising at Digital Media Rights, one of the largest content aggregators, distributors, and channel publishers in the world. He is responsible for all DMR’s advertising monetization business, from technical integrations to client relations and sales.
  • Rotem Gindi is co-founder of Beani, a studio putting out smart, fun, and healthy content by some of the best minds in children’s television. He is also co-founder of Vidstart, a leading video monetization platform, and is a mentor at TechStar.

Vlogbox is a global video content monetization and distribution company that since 2019, has created over 700 CTV apps and channels to help content creators monetize and grow their businesses on services like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV. Their clients include YouTube vloggers, streamers, animation studios, movie production, and distribution companies as well as game developers. They are currently working with Riki Group, Maya and Mary, DTR, Sprout Studio, Gusto Studios and many others.

Source: VlogBox