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Register NOW! Sublime Jalisco 2020 Virtual Edition Runs December 8-10

Free registration is available for talks, conferences, and masterclasses on animation, video games, visual effects, and new media industries; guest speakers range from independent animators such as Jorge Gutiérrez (Book of Life, Maya and the Three) to strategic and creative managers from DreamWorks Animation TV and Sony Pictures Animation.

Sublime Jalisco 2020 Virtual Edition is an international meeting of creative businesses from the animation, video game, visual effects, and new media industries. Organized by Ciudad Creativa Digital, Jalisco Creative Industries Association, and the Government of Jalisco, the event is aimed at professionals who are looking to co-produce and develop contents and narratives that impact new generations. The third edition of the event will run online from December 8-10.

“Undoubtedly Sublime Jalisco keeps positioning itself as the most important business, networking and conference summit for creative industries in Latin America,” remarked Carlos Gaxiola, CEO Demente Animation Studio, Secretary of Jalisco Creative Industries Association and Member of Sublime’s Organization Team.

The program, which focuses on technical, artistic, and strategic business knowledge for the film, animation, video game and VFX markets, is designed for working studios, creative companies, students, and professionals in the creative and entertainment fields in general.

According to Punkrobot Studio’s Gabriel Osorio, “I would like to invite you all to a conference where I will be sharing a bit of the creation process (of my short film Historia de un oso), from the idea to the distribution process, as well as some tips for animated short film production. Don’t miss it! See you in Sublime 2020. Hugs from Chile!”

The program includes talks, conferences and masterclasses that mix creative and technical topics with business and industry-oriented perspectives, involving dialogue spaces that encourage conversations about the reality of today’s creative industries.

“I’m absolutely delighted to be participating in Sublime 2020 and I’m really looking forward to sharing some of the industry insights that I’ve gained over the last 20 years in the business,” shared Jellyfish Original managing director Natalie Llewellyn. “And of course I’m really looking forward to working and listening and learning from you guys too about all of your own experiences.”

Here is a glimpse of this year’s guest speakers:

  • Jorge Gutiérrez (Book of Life, Maya and the Three)
  • Gino Acevedo (The Lord of the Rings)
  • Jérémy Clapin (I Lost My Body)
  • Rodrigo Blass (Tales of Arcadia trilogy, Alma)
  • Adam Elliot (Harvie Krumpet, Mary and Max)
  • Lizzy Easterday – DreamWorks Animation TV, manager of development
  • Alison Mann – Sony Picture Animation, VP of creative and strategy

“I’m super excited to be participating in Sublime 2020 and look forward to discussing all things animation and talking about my background and experience in the industry, hope to see you all there,” commented DreamWorks Animation’s Lizzie Easterday.

The first edition of Sublime in 2017 was an effort to strengthen the reach of Jalisco’s creative industries, an already recognized source of talent and creation. It has evolved into a meeting point between artists, studios, and companies looking to generate new alliances and promote the creation of shared projects. The challenges of COVID-19 restrictions, which might be considered an obstacle, has become a tool that will allow a larger platform with an expanded reach for learning, analysis, and discussion over the current realities of the creative industries.

Program information and free registration is available here.

Source: Sublime Jalisco