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Register Now for ‘2021 Epic MegaJam’

Create an ‘epic’ Unreal Engine game - solo or with friends; check out ‘Inside Unreal’ August 26 for theme announcement.

The 2021 Epic MegaJam is open for registration. Put your creativity to the test; create a brand-new game based on the event’s theme. Festivities kick off on Thursday, August 26 at 2 PM EDT during Inside Unreal, with special guests and best practices for a successful jam. The all-important jam theme will be revealed at 3 PM EDT, during the show.

Developers and creatives of all experiences are invited to participate. A unique learning path has been put together with Unreal Online Learning, with some helpful short courses and a chance to kickstart the learning experience.

Project Requirements:

Work alone or with a team (up to 5 members total) to make the project in Unreal Engine based on the given theme and submit before the deadline.

  • The game must include custom gameplay that exceeds the gameplay found in Epic Games’ starter templates.
  • All art assets in the game must have a material other than "DefaultMaterial" applied to it.
  • Submissions must be packaged for Windows or MAC OS X or Android or iOS (development build) or Oculus Mobile, or Windows Mixed Reality, or HoloLens. No full, unpackaged projects. VR and AR projects are accepted. Android games can be distributed via the Play store as well.

Check out the rules and register now on the official 2021 Epic Megajam page. 

The event is hosted by Unreal Engine - sponsors include Intel; NVIDIA; FalconNW; KitBash3D; Reallusion; BOOM Library; WeLoveIndies; SideFX;; IGDA; Assembla; Code Respawn; MAWI; Ascent Combat Framework; and Divivor.

Source: Unreal Engine