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Red Storm conspires with BKN to offer TV series-based game

Red Storm, which has been broadening the boundaries of computer gaming withproducts like Tom Clancy's RAINBOW SIX, has reached an agreement withBohbot Kids Network (BKN), a New York-based syndication networkspecializing in children's programming, to produce a series of games basedon BKN's series ROSWELL CONSPIRACIES: ALIENS, MYTHS & LEGENDS, a new showwhich will begin airing in the spring of 2000 and already has a two-yearair commitment. The show is a creation of Allen Bohbot, Chairman and CEO ofBohbot Entertainment & Media, Inc. Producers of ROSWELL CONSPIRACIES, whichis the first full in-house production from BKN's Los Angeles-basedanimation studio, describe it as an X-FILES for the younger set.Internationally, the series has been sold to such leading broadcasters asSuper RTL (Germany), BBC (UK), Mediaset (Italy) and Cartoon Network (LatinAmerica). The as yet untitled Red Storm game is part of a fast-growingtrend that sees the computer gaming industry continuing to converge withother forms of entertainment. This is an integral part of Red Storm'sstrategy, first proved last year when "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six" wasreleased as both a CD-ROM game and hardcover novel, resulting in top 10sales for both in their respective formats. "When we first came up with theconcept for the series, we knew it would make a great game," says RickUnger, Executive Producer at BKN. "The idea for the show was good, and itdidn't necessarily apply to just one medium. The only challenge was findinga company to help us realize our vision for the game, and one that has hada track record of producing quality, successful titles. Red Storm fit thebill." The deal was finalized at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo,where Red Storm displayed several of its new 1999 titles, including FORCE21, AIRONAUTS and TOM CLANCY'S RAINBOW SIX: ROGUE SPEAR.